Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simple pleasures

The comments made me feel hugged. THANK YOU!!!

I bought and hung a bird feeder last week. And it's been a source of frustration because no birds were finding it. That hurt my feelings. (I know, sounds crazy but it's true!) I was feeling like someone who dogs and kids don't like and one day I nearly threw out the feeder and all the bird seed. But over the weekend some tiny birds found our feeder! I was ridiculously happy to see them.

My dad is having a good day today. I went for a visit, intending to take him to the grocery store (where EVERYONE knows him and loves him) but he was tired after taking a shower and asked if we can do it tomorrow, which is fine with me. Mostly I'm getting things in order for my parents, but one thing has me stumped. I'm trying to find someone who can give in-home pedicures to diabetics. I've tried searching the internet and looked through the yellow pages but no luck. Any ideas?

Went to visit my in-laws today. On the way there, I saw a happy surprise -- the goats are back! Our county uses goats to control wild grasses that can become a fire danger in the late summer with our 100+ degree days. I stopped to shoot this (admittedly bad) picture just to prove that they are really here.

Here are the two guardians of the goats who tried to chase me off as I stood way too close to "their" goats.

I managed to run 4 miles yesterday evening. When I say I feel old and slow, I mean it, as my pace is slower by a full minute per mile than it used to be, and that's when I'm feeling like I'm really pushing it. But I can tell things are looking up, as today I saw someone running and thought, "Lucky!!!" That's definitely a good sign.


KatieFeldmom said...

Glad to see you back!!! So glad that your dad is doing a bit better -- and that birds came to your feeder.

kch said...

It sounds like things are looking up a bit, which is great to hear!

We sometimes see goats in our area used for weed control too...I love that!

Brit-Man said...

I empathise about the stroke situation, as an elderly relative of mine had one years ago. She passed a long time ago, but I know how it did affect some people especially her.

The pre-war generation always were built to last, and many people do come back from such things.

Your Father could easily be one of those people, and as long as you keep believing that, and showing him that, by being strong, positive, and your usual self around him, it will do so much to help, especially with his levels of belief in his own recovery.

I'm sure knowing he has someone like you in his life, is a great leveller and comforter to him, and such situations are never a simple thing, or an easy thing, but it's a case of keep positive and try not to worry too much.

You will get your energy mojo back. Your actions in life, have made you what I would call a youthfully mature person, and that engenders massive respect from me, and I know if anyone can get back to the physical standard they are capable of, you can.

Age will never wither someone like you, but serve to make better and improve, and you know yourself physically, emotionally and mentally better than many people know themselves, even those 20 years older, because knowledge like that, is more powerful than a lot of other knowledge, that's just useful or helpful in life.

So keep your chin up, and keep believing in everything. You have the power to be any sort of person your family needs, but importantly, you have the ability to be everything you need.

You have a lot of Heart and bottle, and those are very valuable assets, that you look after greatly.

Be proud of all you are as a person, keep smiling and GOOD LUCK.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Hey, Leslie -

I actually have something of value to add to this post. My FIL has the same issue with being diabetic and needing his toenails clipped. He doesn't go for a traditional pedicure but Medicare covers his visit to the podiatrist to have his nails trimmed every month. You may want to check into that for your dad.

As for the bird feeder, "if you feed them, they will come." Seriously, you just need to find the right seed for the type of bird you want to attract. And then the right type of feeder. I'm not sure what you would use for seed in Cali but I use blackoil sunflower seeds here in VA and most every bird loves the stuff. So do the squirrels... So then I had to buy an elaborate pole system at the bird store, cool feeders and all the accessories. It becomes addictive.

I also highly recommend "Birds & Blooms" magazine or their website at birdsandblooms.com. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from just one issue of the magazine.

Hope this helps!

Diana said...

Glad your spirits are up! Love the goats...what a great idea! We have a restuarant up in Door County which is a big tourist county in north-eastern WI that had a grass roof and they keep goats on it all summer-be surprised how many people drive here to see them!
Hope all continues to go smoothly for a while-nice run!

Irene said...

Using the goats is a pretty cool thing! Great pictures, too!

Colette said...

Lol about the goats...could you be talking about my neighborhood?? I love seeing them and they are the best way to cut down on grass and fertilize all at the same time ;)

It always takes a few days before word gets out that there is food for the birds, but once that word gets out, you will have so many birds before you know it and you will be filling those feeders ever day sometimes!

Glad your back!!!

courtney said...