Monday, March 08, 2010

The Zen Commandments

I'm reading a wonderful book, "The Zen Commandments." It's subtitled "ten suggestions for a life of inner freedom" and it's well worth reading (and it's an easy read). Here's something I read today regarding relationships:
Our personal relationships can also be simpler than we usually make them. Whether in a romance or a marriage or a family, the principles are the same: you take care of one another, you be as kind as you can, you do your share of finding new sources of fun, you quietly pass up opportunities to score points or be a wise guy, you give the benefit of the doubt, and you try to make things less insane rather than more.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Monday, March 01, 2010


I find it difficult to log yoga consistently. But I'm going to start.

Kristin Coach assignment for this week is to establish daily habits or rituals. I haven't had these since my kids were born. Seriously. No wonder it's tough to consider.

Yesterday I had no meals. None. This has got to stop.

Time for yoga (Power Yoga for Happiness), then running. Happy Monday and happy first day of a brand new month!!!