Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby steps

Staying active is easier on Facebook, as I can just write a sentence or two there. Not that there's anything preventing me from doing the same thing here. (Might need to give this some thought, as that could be my answer to staying updated here. Hmmmmm.)

On the fitness front, I've been doing The Dailey Method several times a week and am getting a lot stronger. But boy oh boy do plies and thigh work HURT!!! I mean like hurt, burn, pain, yikes! Even though I'm getting stronger, I did a DVD on Wednesday (only 30 minutes of it!) and I have been crazy sore ever since. If you want to check out a really good instructor, Google Paul Katami. Or click here to see which specific DVD I did. OUCH!!!

Leaving for Southern CA in the morning to visit my mother (boy do I love her!) and attend The Women's Conference. Michelle Obama is the featured speaker on Tuesday morning, and there are many well-respected women presenting at this three-day event.

(I feel like this is really disjointed...)

Today Tim and I did 10 minutes of the Paul Katami Ab Lab DVD. Tim's had trouble finding ab exercises that don't get his hip flexors overinvolved and in pain, and the first 10 minutes are all standing ab stuff. He liked it (woo hoo)! And then we ran a hilly 4 miles in the rain. We both wear iPods when we run and I'm sure there are people who see us and think "they are out and not even talking? what's wrong with them?" But it works for us. It's just nice to be together, and of course, if we want to talk, we can.

Hoping for a GIANTS win tonight! Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Looking up

Things are looking up. Well, nothing's changed except for my outlook and perspective. All I can way is WHEW!

Planning for afternoon clients right now but will write again later if time permits.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Today's plan

  • Take recommended amount of anti-d (and consider switching meds as this one may not be working any more).
  • Run.
  • Dailey Method.
  • Help a friend (doing a specific thing, not just a random "help a friend" task).
  • Clean house (both literally and figuratively).
  • Trust God!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...

...for a brief kick in the teeth. Back shortly!

Shoot, shoot, shoot! Saturday night there was an incident that took me back down and sucked the hope all gone. Well, the truth is that I let this happen, darn it, but circumstances can certainly make life feel difficult, can't they?

So that's what was up with the silence. Thanks for the marvelous comments. They made my heart happy!

Friday, October 01, 2010

I think I'm ready...

...for a change.

From depression to hope.
From hiding to (what's the opposite of hiding?).
From unfocused to focused.
From living small to living large.

Stay tuned...