Monday, March 01, 2010


I find it difficult to log yoga consistently. But I'm going to start.

Kristin Coach assignment for this week is to establish daily habits or rituals. I haven't had these since my kids were born. Seriously. No wonder it's tough to consider.

Yesterday I had no meals. None. This has got to stop.

Time for yoga (Power Yoga for Happiness), then running. Happy Monday and happy first day of a brand new month!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Leslie!!!

Brit-Man said...

I'm sure you'll get the food back on track. If I didn't eat for any longer than 6-8 hours, I'd probably get the urge to gnaw a limb :-o :-o.


Anonymous said...

I still have trouble sticking to my daily rituals and I only have three! But I am finding that the daily rituals are oh so important to be calm and balanced throughout the day. One thing I am learning about myself through Kristin is that I try to cram WAY too much stuff into one day. That is just not a good way to live (imho). :0)

Marathon Maritza said...

I love yoga too and wish I had discovered it sooner. If you're not logging it, at least you're doing it!

And also you didn't eat yesterday? At all????

Anonymous said...

I think she means she didn't eat a "real" sit-down square meal, just "snacky" stuff. I hope?
--Michele in Folsom

leslie said...

Michele is right -- no meals means no sitting down to eat, just eating snacky stuff.

P/F said...

I love the title "Power Yoga for Happiness" - I'm going to check it out.