Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Quick Tip from the Nutrition Diva

Quick Tip: Keep Produce Fresh Without Plastic Bags
Many of us are trying to cut down on our use of plastic. But do you end up filling your reusable grocery sacks with plastic produce bags? There's no need to bag most produce--simply put it loose into your bag or cart. To store lettuce and greens, rinse them with water when you get them home, shake off as much water as you can, and wrap them in a clean dish towel. (The non-terry cloth type work best.) Then tuck the bundle into your crisper drawer. Greens will stay crisp and fresh for a week or more. Wash all produce thoroughly before eating.


Brit-Man said...

Oh I've seen those 5 finger things, they look a bit dorky in my opinion. Not very stylish, and I don't believe they're probably particularly functional

I doubt you could run as well as you'd want to in them, and if they were for weightlifting, or support with resistance style work, you'd probably be better with a good solid pair of powerlifting shoes instead.

Just saying, not criticising you.

I hope things that are testing you right now, become a little eaiser to manage soon.

Take care and bets wishes.

:-) :-).


Sunshine Mama said...

Thanks for the tip!

I was looking at your blog and love how you've been so active these last four or five years.