Tuesday, September 08, 2009


  • The 49er canyon run yesterday was fun but harder than last year. Well duh! I was in better shape last year. But hey, I finished it and had a great time. Today what's sore? QUADS from the relentless downhill that happens before Stagecoach -- a trail that I think goes almost 2 miles of solid UP!
  • Decided NO to Boston and YES to Big Sur! Yes, I've finally decided on my next goal, and it's Big Sur in April!!!
  • Alzheimer's meds work, but only when you take them! I'm just sayin... :)
  • I've got the Vibram Five Finger bug, and may be sporting one of those funny pairs of shoes in the near future.
  • Fall in Northern CA is the BEST! Actually, it's just Fall that's the best, in my opinion.
  • Dancing with the Stars (OOPS -- I meant SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE) starts again tomorrow and I can't wait! Other shows I'm looking forward to include Criminal Minds, Glee, Modern Family, and ... well, I think that's it. Oh yeah, I do have laundry folding shows, but those are usually old Law & Order episodes that I watch in 10 minute segments. :)
  • I'm getting gentler with myself. For YEARS I've felt I was too big. I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall and usually weigh between 135 and 140 pounds. And I've wanted to weigh in the 120s forever! So I walk around with this "I'm too big!" thought swirling around in my mind, and recently a new thought is there: TOO BIG FOR WHAT?!?!? To fit through doorways? To sit in airplane seats? To appeal to my husband? It's time to let that old crazy belief go. Why am I getting gentler? I dunno. Maybe it's being in my late 40s. Maybe it's just that enough is enough. But honestly, when I can just accept myself as I am, life is so much better!
  • Regarding blogging and reading blogs: I'm catching up about once a week on both writing and reading, at least for now. Parents are requiring more help. Kids are crazy busy with activities (which means I'm crazy busy with transportation and attendance). And I'm still trying for that elusive thing called balance in life. My hope is that I can write more and read more soon. But for now, this is what I can do. So it's what I'm gonna do!
Have a great day, friends!


KatieFeldmom said...

I'm excited for Glee and a whole bunch of other ones too. DWTS doesn't start until the 21st, but So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow. I haven't watched much of that one, but I do love DWTS.

As you know my sister sings the praises of VFFs. I'm putting them on my birthday/Christmas list.

Fall is my favorite too. I noticed four trees on my drive that are already changing!!!

Diana said...

I vote for "fall" being the best of the seasons. Things are changing fast here in Wisconsin with the cool nights and warm days. I love when the trees look like fire against the crisp blue sky.
DWTS is on my top 5 list-love to watch the pros go at it, what hip action! Woof!

Colette said...

I am so happy to hear that you are that much closer to loving YOU...just the way you are. You are far from "big" and anyone would kill to have your body and personality for that matter.

Busy...I know that! Once a week sounds perfect...and if that doesn't work, that's okay to.

Big Sur sounds like a great idea...can't wait to hear all about it.

Jo Lynn said...

I'm the same way about the "too big" feeling. My weight has been between 130 and 135 for over 18 months now. Steady as can be, right there, every single morning. I would be THRILLLLLED if I weighed 129. Are you freakin' kidding me? I'm going to be happy if I lose a few pounds that will put me in the 120's? That's going to make me a happy person. Pfft! I'm (we're) dreaming, aren't we? LOL
Why can't we see ourselves as the rest of the world does? Just for a day. Just for an hour.