Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation bound

We're heading out for a family vacation tomorrow, and I can't wait! Kauai is our destination and I'm so ready to do some ocean swimming, one of my all-time favorite things to do!

Life's been a little overwhelming ... well, maybe just super busy is a better description ... in the past few days. But now that Tucker has been to the doctor (diagnosis = strep throat, antibiotics are working!), my dental work is complete (90 minutes of work, but I should be able to eat without pain again!), the shopping has been completed (we own all the sunscreen there is!), and with only the meeting with the foreign exchange program (we're hosting a student from France in July) lady tonight, life is feeling slightly easier. Now that I write it down, that doesn't sound like all that much, does it?

So let's talk about diet for a minute. I'm kinda doing Belly-Fat Cure AND Primal Blueprint. Yes, I'm eating meat again. And yes, it's strange after 5 years of being veg/vegan. To the best of my ability I'm reducing refined carbs (although last night when I couldn't sleep because of mouth pain, and powered through an entire "sleeve" of Golden Oreos), emphasizing protein and fruits and veggies, and just trying to be sane about it all. Do I plan to enjoy myself on vacation? Heck yeah!

Regarding exercise, I'm finding that eating fewer carbs means less energy when doing crazy stuff. Like I can totally do my park play workouts. But the half marathon? SLOOOOOW compared to my usual pace. So I may be changing up my exercise routine, doing fewer long distance runs, and more intense shorter races. While in Hawaii, you can be sure that there will be running on the beach, lunge walks, pushups, kinda whatever feels good in the moment.

Well, if I'm gonna exercise today, it's got to happen now. I'm checking out another Tracy Long DVD (can't remember the title at the moment) and I'll let you know how it is.

Sending hugs & love...


Courtney said...

Were they at least Double Stuff?

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!!!

Irene said...

I'm laughing over the Oreos. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. ;)

Have a wonderful trip and come back with a lot of pictures!

Colette said...

I don't think I've seen golden oreos, but I'm sure they are yummy!

Enjoy your vacation and I can't wait to see pics. Running on the beach sounds so nice, although you know me, I'd be walking on the beach ;)

About the carb thing, yep your body needs lots of carbs to keep the motor running for a period of time. Remember athletes like Michael Phelps and Armstrong, they eat TONS of carbs every day to be able to continue with the much needed energy they put out.

Your list wasn't much, but what was on it sounded stressful enough, no wonder it "felt" like a lot ;) I'm glad all is taken care of and you will be able to just enjoy the trip!