Friday, September 17, 2010

Elusive sleep

Sleep can be elusive. You'd think with how tired I feel and how active I am, it would be easy. Maybe it's changing hormones, a mind that doesn't want to stop thinking, or just it is how it is, right?

Running has felt fun again! Yesterday I ran 5 in the morning, then 5 more in the afternoon. The afternoon run was hot (90 degrees, I think) and draining, but in a very good way.

Still stretching. My gymnast son provides input from time to time, as he knows a lot about flexibility. Two nights ago I was stretching, and he decided he would stretch too. So while I'm working on getting my leg straight as I bend over it, he's in oversplits! I told him I felt dispired, which is when you're discouraged AND inspired at the same time. :)

So anyway, the next night (last night) I was stretching again and I showed him where I am in right leg splits. He of teenage sarcasm and irritation, said with genuine surprise "That's really good, Mom!" I'm nowhere near all the way down, but I'm getting closer, and it's progress, not perfection, right?


Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Yay for running being fun!!!

Brit-Man said...

Take progress and run with it.

Take progress and be proud of it.

You're closer to your end point and that's the place you're trying to get and it's not stalling or going backwards, so that can only be a good thing for achieving what you want from this.

You're always doing something positive for you, where you are concerned. Never stupid and never risking happiness for wild punts in life and you deserve to be proud of your achievements.

Your Marathons, your figure contest, your training business and for someone that hasn't always experienced good times in life and lives with shall we say "the beast that lurks within", that sometimes tries to rain on your mood, you're coming towards a big milestone in life and you've turned your own life around and become a wise head on young shoulders but also very valuable and special to the world and this thing you're trying to acheive, may look small and not that important, but to you it's important and you know you're not doing a stupid thing, so anything you choose to do in life will almost always be a good choice and a way of proving something to yourself and / or others.

Keep on keeping on and GOOD LUCK. you're one of lifes true greats amongst the ordinary and I'm proud of knowing you :-) :-).