Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Anti-aging lotions and potions

I am the perfect candidate (read "sucker") to believe anything that's written about anti-aging. Most days I like what I see in the mirror, but when I'm tired or depressed, it looks to me like my face is barely hanging onto my skull and it could slip off at any moment. This makes me vulnerable to the hype that surrounds many products, including:

  • reduces fine lines
  • tightens skin
  • evens skin tone
  • makes you look 10 years younger

All I've ever wanted (well, not ALL, but for now it feels that way) is to know what works at the cosmetic counter. They sell hundreds of tightening, firming, lifting magic creams, and can they all work? I don't think so. So if I just knew which one, I would buy a truckload of it and use it forever. (Years ago Joan Rivers joked that she was just going to buy all the Twinkies and slather the white stuff in the middle all over her face, cuz those things never go bad!)

Last month I decided to try to high-end face cream stuff. And I have to say that I think it's working. I went with a Perricone set I found on Sephora.com, and then added some eye cream. I liked the skincare stuff immediately and think my skin looks more evenly toned and younger. The eye cream I had to figure out, as the first one I got (Cold Plasma) smelled like fish. The reviews were mixed: some people said the smell went away, and others said they couldn't get past it. I was in the latter group, and exchanged the miracle eye cream that smelled nasty for some not-quite-as-miraculous eye cream that smells nice.

The danger of going to the Perricone site is that I want EVERYTHING! And I have to remember that what I'm doing now is working, so maybe if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And (truth be told) this is the first time I've consistently washed my face both morning and night in my whole life. (I know -- take away my girl card now people!) Is that why my skin looks better? NO! I believe it's the miracle face cream!


Colette said...

I believe it's just good genes and sunscreen and taking care of your body inside and out. Look at woman in their 30's, 40's and you can see the age from a distance...now look at you, 50, and you still look youthful. Your skin glows and your cheeks are full and youthful...when anyone is tired, our skin does not look it's best, get some free sleep and problem solved ;)

Brit-Man said...

You can improve yourself with things like more water intake, Vitamin E supplements and Hyaluronic Acid supplements may work too, as HA is a component of Skin as well as Cartilage and Eyes too so I believe.

The problem with expensive things can be, that you might get one or two ingredients that work and the rest are in such piddly amounts, you can't tell, so then you are getting ripped off.

The only way most people can ascertain if a skin or hair based or ingestable product or supplement works, is if you have something with one or two ingredients in it in decent amounts.

The other issue is most people buy stuff based on hype or look, or which celebrity of sportsperson endorses it, (some might do that purely for money, not because they use it), or because a friend or relative reccomends it, not on things like real need, scientific data, understanding of ingredients, because many companies are banking on you not knowing what the ingredients do and how much of each creates a tangible effect, so it can be easy to give these things a shiny televisual veneer, or glossy magzine appearance and get you wanting it and what works for some may not work or even be safe for others.

For example, if you got a piece of roundish shaped dog muck, sprayed it gold, then with a bit of scent to kill the smell, and put in in a velvet lined box used for rings, you could probably con people into buying it, as some kind of African fertility symbol or some such thing, designed to enhance marital relations.

You leave it in the bedroom and it brings good aura / karma, so touching it interferes with the aura / karma.

I bet some people could be fooled enough to buy it, if you sold it right.

Only through self education with unbiased information can you make sense of a hype marketed, shiny world, otherwise you take pot luck and chance, but just like your body when you use a supplement, anything you use on hair or skin may have negatives, so it's always important to know what you're buying beforehand, because you can't expect the producers to be 100% truthful every time, because when it comes to profit, some will put you second.

Take care and best wishes, oh and I think you make 50 the new 40.

:-) :-).


Jane @ ZsaZsa Reviews said...

I am putting all those thoughts about using anti-aging creams over and over ... I will be 30 next year and probably it would be normal if I would start using them already but I simply cannot yet. Maybe I am acting a little silly because I already do have wrinkles on my face, I even do not know what am I waiting. Maybe I simply do not like how it sounds, that I already am using those anti-aging products. The beginning of this process would be a daily use of cream that is not called anti-aging, I have to get even till that!

Brit-Man said...

So your ZsaZsareviews site is not in any way bissed then, in favour of buying a specific brand of products?

leslie said...

Hi friends! I see all comments and appreciate every single one!

Colette -- maybe it's genes? Sunscreen helps for sure! The round cheeks are what I HATED as a teen, but sure do love now!

Matt -- you are a wealth of information, and I so appreciate your last sentence! While i know you're right about researching ingredients, etc., I'm sold on Perricone because it makes my skin LOOK better.

Jane -- at 30 you should not be needing anti-aging stuff! Find a good sunscreen and USE IT. That would be my best advice to you. At 30 there's no way I would have touched anything that said "aging" on it!

Jane @ ZsaZsa Reviews said...

Thank you, Ieslie! You did cheered me up, because lately I have read really a lot about all that anti-aging stuff and I really started to think that I already should be using something from that all.

You probably are right about finding a good sunscreen. I simply have to step over that resistance, if that could be the correct word to use against all type of creams and then all will be fine!