Sunday, March 06, 2011

Seven for Sunday

  1. Figured out where I saw "Three for Thursday" -- it was on Family, Fitness, Food
  2. I would weigh a lot less if I didn't have teens. Why? Because "go to bed early, get up early" is my preferred schedule. And that's the opposite of what works for my kids. And my method of staying awake until they get home is known as Always Be Chewing (aka continuous eating). Might be time to find a new way...
  3. 7 things seems like a lot of things at the moment -- having a brain fade and don't really know what to write.
  4. Cooking ups and downs. Before the gym meet yesterday I made turkey burgers and an Asian coleslaw to take with us. Burgers were great as usual (recipe uses honey mustard pretzels and is very flavorful). Coleslaw was great right when made, but did not fare well in the car sans refrigeration. Oh well, at least I tried, right?
  5. We currently have no Girl Scout cookies in our house, which is a very good thing.
  6. I can't seem to shake the idea that Diet Pepsi is a healthy option. While I know it's full of chemicals and awfulness, my love for DP is obsessive and unrelenting. However, I'm adding way more good stuff into my diet and as of late have been known to eat an apple JUST BECAUSE (this is big stuff, people!). (The only apples I really really like are Cameos. They're juicy, flavorful, and crisp.)
  7. Buster is still the best puppy in the whole entire world! Here is a video of his playful puppiness. 


Colette said...

Cameos are MY favorite apple too! Nothing like them, but hard to find at times.

DP is not good. It's a product that tricks your mind into thinking your body is getting a food, but when no calories are included, your mind/body will make up for it by you eating more then you would normally have eaten. It's something about the chemical.

Brit-Man said...

I'm sure you'll find a way to re-jig things around. Just keep remembering what sort of capabilities you have and I think that will help.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Diana said...

I went 4 months without my "crack" aka: Diet Dew! I'm right back to it. All I've accomplished and that just can't do it......or maybe I just don't want to?!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the link up. I love the random Thursday-ness. Nice to find your blog.