Monday, August 15, 2011

Boo-boo toe

I've had some strange accidents in my life. I gave myself whiplash in 1990 while dancing to Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted Snake." In 2002, I had Tucker and his friends in my car, and managed to rear end Tim's car (just Tim and Austin were in that car). Yeah, one accident. All of our cars and all our family members involved. So maybe I shouldn't be surprised that I broke my toe while doing laundry. But I did. And I'm not happy about it.

Well, the only part I'm happy about is that it makes me feel tough, because after I did it, I ran 5 miles. To be clear, I did not know that the toe was broken. I heard a crack when my toe connected with the bedframe as I turned to put some clothes on the dresser. And while it hurt, it didn't hurt like I thought it should have hurt if it were broken.

So yes, I, the girl who lives in the house of testosterone and amazing physical accomplishments, ran 5 miles with a broken toe. That feels satisfying somehow. But my toe still hurts. :(


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Estrogen wins every time

Diana said...

I ran my last 1/2 marathon with stress fractures in both feet! Amazing what we can go through if stubborn/stupid enough!
Hope the toe heals quickly!

Colette said...

Oh no, that is crazy that you broke your toe! I wonder if it started out as a hairline fracture (which would be why you didn't think you broke it) but running the miles made it worse? Either way, you are one tough mama!! I know when I just stub my toe I would stop all workouts LOL

Hope your toe heals fast :(

Brit-Man said...

Be proud of yourself, but at the same time be careful :-p :-p.


leslie said...

X-ray and dr confirmed: broka-da-toe. Just completed first post-break workout and all is well.