Thursday, August 04, 2011

The mirror exercise

My friend Donna does energy work. She works with people who have pain or sickness, physical or emotional, and helps to balance their energy so they can heal. You don't have to believe in what she does for it to work, which is great for me, as I've experienced lots of relief from depression because of her work. And yet I don't exactly understand how it works. But I don't have to.

One suggestion she made a long time ago was to do "the mirror exercise." Ok, I'm game. You look in a mirror and say, out loud, "(your name), I love and accept you just as you are, and (your name), God loves and accepts you just as you are." You say this three times while looking into your left eye, three times while looking into your right eye, and three times while looking into both eyes.

Simple, right?

I've made attempts to do this daily, the goal being 30 days in a row. My longest streak is 3 days.

Giving it a go once again, and today is day 3. Stay tuned to find out if, in a feat of superhuman endurance (the exercise takes all of 60 - 80 seconds, for goodness sakes!), Leslie can make it to FOUR DAYS in a row!

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Brit-Man said...

The other thing you can do with a mirror is just look in to it and say nothing, because the mirror will speak for you.

If someone looks okay, the mirror will be complimentary.

If someone is in poor shape, the mirror will tell them, but not to be rude, just to give thme a polite wake up call, to start to change or comntinue.

However the mirror won't shout, so sometimes the viewer won't hear the message and stay in poor shape.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).