Friday, July 06, 2007

Almost back to normal

I think that next week I'll be back on track with exercise, nutrition, and writing. This week has been a blur of jet lag, preparing for our 4th of July party (we had 50 people here for BBQ and fireworks -- super fun!), recovery from party, and preparing to leave again, but this time just for the weekend. In just a few minutes, the kids and I are driving down to Santa Cruz. My sister and her family live there, and we're spending the night with them and my sister from LA. Tomorrow I take Austin up to Stanford for a week long gymnastics camp. Tucker will be staying in Santa Cruz for a few days. And I'm meeting Tim in the city for a 24-hour just the two of us getaway!!!

Talk to you next week!


Brit-Man said...

Have a great day Leslie, and best wishes.

:-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

Have a great time and travel safe!!!

Jen said...

I'm tired just reading your posts. Hope you and T had a great weekend together!

Colette said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. How could you not...I love going to New york! You still didn't tell about the naked cowboy...I know about it, but others don't.

Hope your weekend get away was great!

Tracy said...

Leslie, Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I'm assuming that you need to pick your son up this weekend at Stanford??? 7/14,15???

Let's get together for a workout! I'll be happy to meet you at Girya if you have the time, on me of course!