Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Naked Cowboy... a really fascinating man. Click here to find out more about him. I did not know how driven he is or anything about his life goals when I was grabbing his butt (he made me do it!) or when he was kissing my hair.

NC hangs out in the middle of the street on an island in Times Square. He's a guy who's naked (except for his tighty whitie underwear) and he plays the guitar. We were watching him as we were waiting to cross the street and he was taking pictures with tourists. It was a crackup to see how comfortable he is with his near-naked state. Tim and the kids encouraged me to get a picture with him. I figured I'd stand next to him and smile, but he grabbed my hand and put it on his (naked, what a surprise!) chest and started kissing my hair. Then he said, "Well, now we need a shot of the other side," quickly turned around, grabbed my hand, and put it on his butt. Tim got the picture, and as I was thanking him, he exclaimed (loudly) "Next time darling, not so rough, ok?!"

I just switched computers from a PC to a MacBook, which is part of the reason blogging has been sporadic. And I can't seem to grab a picture from Tim's computer (where they're stored) right now. So not as a cliffhanger, but due to some technical difficulties (my lack of expertise with all things computer) the pictures will have to wait for another day.


KatieFeldmom said...

Too Funny!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Brit-Man said...

I like my trusty PC. It might have it's faults, but there's something dubious about Mac.

I remember seeing someone do a test once, and they tried to get a replacement PC Motherboard, and the part was replace same day, cost about £60, and about £25 fitting.

They tried it with Mac, and Mac people left the guy on the phone for ages, shunted him around diffrerent departments, then told him he'd have to pay £300 for his Motherboard, wait 3 days, and then fit it himself :-(.

I also like the customisation of PC. Mac has 3 basic types to my knwoledge, so if someone wants a few extra Megs of Ram PC can do it, Mac requires a totally new system, which is too limited.

Anyway, that's my take on it. I hope you're doing well.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Meghan said...

LOL, sounds like you had a blast with the Naked Cowboy! :) I wish I'd seen him when I was in Times Square!

Eileen said...

He's pretty buff! I'd be comfy in my undies too if I made $1000 a day standing outside.....