Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Boxing, fake and real

My arms are pumped, I'm out of breath and sweating, and I'm really happy because I've been playing Wii Boxing. Santa got us a Wii for Christmas, and so far I've gained 475 experience points, and knocked out 5 opponents. Why am I doing this? Well, first of all because it's fun. But beyond that, my niece (age 19) and I are taking a boxing lesson tomorrow, and I want to practice up! (My style -- if you can call it that -- involves punching as hard and fast as I can. Tim and the kids agree that I punch like a girl, but I point to my flawless record and say it's good to punch like a girl!)

Really, we'll be at Prime Time Boxing tomorrow for a private boxing class. Since my niece lives in Iowa and I rarely get to see her, I'm excited that we can do something so unusual and make some memories together.

Ok, gotta get back to Wii. Tim's been practicing, and we're taking each other on in a few minutes -- wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Leslie.

Girl or not, I am sure I would not want to mess with you!! Hope that boxing lesson is fun.

Eileen said...

I wanted to get a Wii for my kids and they did not seem all that interested. And I did not try very hard to find one. But I still think we could have fun with it...have you done any of the other games yet?