Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mornings suck.

If depression is anger turned inward, then I have much to be depressed about. To be fair, for a while mornings have been, if not good, at least better. Today was an awful one though. I'll try to be brief. And I may just delete this post entirely, cuz it sounds really bad. But it's the truth.

Son #1 locks outside door to bathroom while in shower, which leaves son #2 unable to brush teeth. I yell off and on for a very long time to get #1's attention, to no avail. #2 tries to retrieve pass key thingey from above the door, but it's stuck between the door trim and the wall. When #1 finally answers repeated yelling, I tell #2 that getting the key is a lost cause and he'll be in momentarily. #2 takes this as an attack on his capabilities, so now he's mad. #1 then yells that he's just trying to dry off and put on shorts, so now he's mad. And I'm there, mad as anything, but can't show it.

Drove #2 to school, apologizing and explaining that I wasn't doubting him. He said not a word. When I got back #1 apologized for shouting. And me? I took the chair that I threw (my only outlet at the time -- neither kid saw it happen or I would have heard about it) downstairs and demolished it with a hammer. (This sounds really bad as I type it, but the chair was falling apart anyway and I do feel a little better now. But not much.)

Is it any wonder that I want to run away?


Eileen said...

OK....deep breath!

We have the SAME issue with our bathroom. Kelly locks the main door and refuses to lock only the door to the "shower" section, thus locking everyone out for A SOLID HOUR. Our house came with an 80-gallon monster water heater, so she NEVER runs out of hot water and takes the longest showers. My husband has threatened to turn off the main water supply at times.... But it's not the water that's the issue...it's the not letting anyone else in. We've taken to stashing toothbrushes elsewhere in the house (kitchen for the little ones since I do most of their brushing anyway). This does not solve the problem of Emily needing to get in there and my biggest pet peeve is when they are arguing over this issue about an hour after I have gone to bed. Kelly actually told me I need to get me some good earplugs so as not to be bothered by it.

My point? As awful as your morning was, it's happening all over the place. And it is OVER. Contrary to what the books say, I don't think it's all that bad for kids to see you "lose it." One, it shows that you are human and two, it shows that a limit has been reached.

We've considered changing the doorknob on that outside door to one that will not lock (like the kind you put on closets).

Not sure if that helped, but in any event, I totally get it! Now, I just need to get me a chair to demolish.....

Brit-Man said...

You can get doorknobs that have a little locking catch on the inside, and cna be opened without needing ot unlatch them, but they also have a small uncovered bit on the outside, so in perhaps an emergency, the latch can be technically srpung with something like Tweezers, or a Pencil end or a long pin etc etc.

Family got one years ago. From the outside it won't open when locked, just turning the handle, but that technique of using a long thin thing, will work if say you supspect someone has collapsed, or become unconscious for example.

I'm sure you'll be fine Leslie, as you probably always are.

You just need to remember that for any little thing like that, that makes parenting awkward at times, there's probably 3-4 other things, that make it totally rewarding, and they probably make the little bugbears seem like a mild headache, that eventually goes away.

Have a great day :-) :-).


Colette said...

Ahhhh, don't ya just love kids (big smile here) I can't picture you getting that mad...I feel better now, because I've gone off the deep end myself a couple of times...wait 'till highshcool ;)
By the time you pick the boys up, all will be forgotten. Hope your day better by now.

Yes, I am going to Sierra College. I just got my books and I can't wait to read them ;)

KatieFeldmom said...

Thinking of you.

Jen said...

I'm having a similar day. I just wish I had a chair to demolish like you did! :-(

Pamela said...

just checking in ... MOM's Unite! I've had days like that too! *HUGS*

Tim said...

Everybody take note and be greatful. Today is the day Leslie was born. Be sure and wish her Happy Birthday.