Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008

It's day 2 of a bright, shiny new year. Hope things are going well for everyone!

Yesterday I "tested" my two favorite hills to see if a vertical mile is even something I want to try. (Thanks Shelly for informing me of the actual distance in a mile!) For those who are local, I did the "backside" hill 3 times (3 miles, 800 feet ascended, 492 calories). At that rate, I'd need to run backside TWENTY TIMES (20 miles) in order to get my 1 vertical mile.

After doing this, I drove home (yep, I drove to the top of the hill, wanting hill only running), hung out for 45 minutes (did some laundry, got some water, generally procrastinated), and then drove to my other favorite hill -- the one by the golf course. A side note here -- resting 45 minutes, then going out and running hills again -- HARD and not recommended. This hill is done in a loop fashion. I did 5 loops (3.77 miles, 870 feet ascended, 605 calories). At this rate, I'd need to run the loop for 23 miles (about 30 laps) in order to get that mile.

So do I want to do a vertical mile? Probably not. My big 2008 goal is a half-dozen half marathons, and the main reason I want to do this is that I love the 13.1 mile distance. So to embark on something where I have to run 20 or more miles -- the question becomes WHY??? But to be honest, I'm still intrigued by the idea.

I'm still working on 2008 goals. Well, all the work has happened inside my head, and I've always heard it's not a goal unless you write it down. So here, in very preliminary form, are my 2008 goals:

Word for the year: THRIVE. (It was last year's word, but I don't feel like I lived up to it, so I'm taking a do-over!)

Goal #1: 6 half marathons. Actual races, not just training runs.
Goal #2: a workout plan. I want to have an actual plan I follow, not just the "hmmmm, what might I want to do today?" way I usually do it. Note -- plan will be something like this: run 3x, kettlebells 3x, Crossfit 1x per week. Any more specific would sink me, knowing me!
Goal #3: achieve and maintain a weight in the low 130s.
Goal #4: some number of dinners cooked for my family (still workin' on the dinner thing)

Today's plans include a kettlebell workout and training clients. Time to get on with the day!


Irene said...

It looks great! I'm still waffling on the running goals. I also like the idea of 6 half marathons for the year.

KatieFeldmom said...

Happy New Year!!!

The orange Blogger thingey -- I do know how to change it, well I did on the old Blogger. It's at work and I will find it for you and email it to you.

Tracy said...


How can I help with the cooking thing? Seriously, think about it, ok?

Laurie said...

Those are awesome goals, and I love the word THRIVE - do you have Kaiser Healthcare out there? I love their whole THRIVE ad campaign. I might have to steal that idea.