Friday, January 30, 2009


Your comments have been wonderful! Thank you to everyone who wrote about their own experiences, those who are going through something similar, and those who wrote to say "hang in there!"

I only have a moment to write, but thought I'd answer a question. My daily grades are assigned by me, just for me. Thinking of myself as being in boot camp and assigning a grade has helped me to move in a more positive direction. Yesterday gets a good solid B+. I worked for 6 hours at my parents house, again clearing out boxes and drawers and cabinets of unneeded stuff, in an attempt to make their house more peaceful and more functional. My mom said she was not up to taking a bath, which gave me more time to clear things out. (I felt bad that I was relieved, but we'll take care of this on Sunday.)

I really am starting to feel a little more like me, and part of that yesterday was running. I ran twice, 4 miles each time. Is this ideal? Heck, no! But it's what my schedule would allow. So I ran a fast 4 miles in the late afternoon. Then went to a trail running meeting at Fleet Feet in Roseville. (I'd signed up for this several weeks ago.) And then ran another 4 miles. Right after my second run, I drove carpool for my son's water polo practice, which meant 45 minutes in the car. Let me tell you, getting out of a car after sitting for 45 minutes immediately following a run makes for some comical first steps!

Today's plan? Plan client workouts (doing that immediately after I post this). Run 4 miles. Get my dad and take him home! Train clients. Then back into mom mode.

Hope this is a fabulous Friday for everyone!


tfh said...

Dad's coming home! Hope this makes things happier for everybody. Have a great weekend.

Diana said...

Good to hear that among all the other things you do for others who are important to you that you still make time for "you"(even it it's just going for a run, or two!)....which is just as important, but easily forgotten.
Hope Dad does well at home, how can he not, it sounds like he's raised a great daughter! Go get 'em!

Irene said...

Whew! You're one busy lady! You just have to step back and say "wow!"

You've been a whirlwind of busy. I hope the next week will bring a sense of "normal" back into your routine.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Anonymous said...

So glad your dad is coming home. That is great news. Celebrate!

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad that things are better for you right now, and you're seeing things in a more enlightned way.

You should never forget what you are to others and to yourself. Life throws you a few dud balls, but sometimes it's about saying something like, you can't always hit homers, but you can try, and when a dud comes, let it flop, don't see it as a failed attempt to hit a homer, and go hitting the next ball in life.

So don't be afraid to ever question yourself. Don't be afraid to sometimes be wrong, or that you will have a below par day or moment, and don't be afraid of yourself.

You are all the colours of the spectrum, even the infra red and ultra violet, the ones you can't see except in special circumstances, and one is a very heavy red, one a strong violet, so maybe those represent the parts of your mind you cannot show or express sometimes, even if you want to. The ones you know are there, but you can't make others see them, or they are hard to make visual.

That just means you're a well dimensioned person. You're not a Monochrome, or a 64kb 16 colour 1980's model, you're a Windows Vista, 32 million colours, with full internet access and a 100GB harddrive woman, and that shows that you have evolved and matured, and improved with age, just like a computer, but you're still everything a person needs to be, to be a valid, valued and important part of a modern Vista world, that you're not 1970's Atari. You're older, but no less now than what now was then, and you still belong, and you're not out of place, and 48 isn't for you a realisation of fading away, but a realisation that young and worthwhile, is a definition in your mind, not other peoples.

You prove what's inside of you radiates out. It isn't stuck there, and you're not someone wishing they were someone else, or a shadow a past life. You're colourful, interesting and brilliantly unique, and it's always good to see how you express it, and how you tell people about the things YOU do, and YOU achieve, and how you aren't always perfect, but you're no less of a person for anything, that you're you, and you love yourself for it, in a self respect way, not a vain way.

So you keep looking for the positives, like your Dad progressing in his situation positively, and keep seeing the colours and the rainbows in your life, and you keep smiling, emotionally touching, and keeping that big warm haert protected, and don't ever feel ashamed, embarrassed, or let down, by any little thng about yourself.

You're human, nothing you do or say is ever your fault, and you're what everyone who is in your life in any way, wants YOU to be.

Don't change Leslie, because everyone has a big wide world, and their own little world, and for all those little worlds you enter, everytime you visit, you leave some warmth, sunshine, and smiles behind, and nobody can ask or should ask for more than that, and you shouldn't ask, demand or expect it of yourself either.

Take care misses and very best wishes. It's good to see you on an upturn, and I wish you more of the same.

:-) :-).


AKA Alice said...

Golly...I've been out of the loop this week...Life's what happens when you've got other plans...right.

Is it too late for a "hang in there?"

Jennifer said...

Hope things have gone well with your dad coming home today. On the bath the pharmacy or at a home health supplier, you should be able to find some bath clothes that come in a small plastic package and can be warmed in the microwave. The "clothes" in them are thick and actually do a pretty good job of giving a quick "bath" between dunkings. We use them in the ER and they're quite handy. They also have some kind of dry hair-wash stuff that they use on the floors for between washes. Probably not th emost environmentally friendly way to do it, but might be an option occasionally.

Colette said...

Glad your dad is home where he belongs and you are feeling more like yourself.

About the running ran 8 miles on top of everything else you have going on...I would say that is pretty darn great! Most people would not have done anything! Ideal...yes!