Sunday, June 07, 2009

Brain Dump

  • Yesterday we had our third Big Dinner. Big Dinner is where our kids get to invite any of their friends -- as many as they'd like to invite -- and we provide them with dinner and a fun place to hang out. So there were 20 teenagers here last night eating tri-tip and bbq chicken, pasta salad, rolls, green salad, and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Tim and I enjoy Big Dinner nearly as much as the kids do. My hope is that we're creating memories for our kids that they'll want to repeat with their own kids someday.
  • I've been running the trail by my house a lot. I am in love with this little trail. One of these days I'll post pictures. Why do I love it? Well, it's beautiful. Also there are kid-made forts in a few places. The up-and-down-ness of the trail make me feel like a kid. So do the fallen trees you have to duck under or step over where they cross the trail. I feel very lucky to have something so fun just 1/2 mile from my house.
  • "Melange" sounds so much better than "brain dump".
  • Mafia Wars is my new addiction. I think it's so incredibly fun. I'm only 80 points from levelling up. Is it strange that I broke out the calculator and was figuring out the ratio of experience points earned to energy points spent for various jobs? (Don't answer that one!)
  • Running 7 today was tough as my glutes and calves were really sore from lunge walks. I don't know why I think lunge walks are so fun, but as long as I'm enjoying them, I'm going with it!
  • We took the dogs to the dog park today. You can't be unhappy at the dog park -- it's just not possible!
  • My girlfriend Kris got me a Brazilian prayer ribbon (her client's husband just returned from South America) and I love it! It's a red ribbon that you tie around your ankle making 3 knots and saying your prayer. Supposedly when it falls off, your prayer will have ... come true? happened? Anyway, my prayer is taken from the AA Big Book: Free me from the bondage of self that I may better do thy will. Every time I see the red ribbon I remember the prayer. And it's making life better.
  • Now that I'm not vegetarian, what's changed? Very little. I've probably had 3 ounces of chicken in the 5 days I've gone back to meat eating. But what I'm liking is having more options. I may just go with this till the end of the year, and then see if I want to make any changes. Interestingly, Tucker is sad that I'm not vegetarian anymore. And I liked that the label made me feel kind of special. (Well, it's true!)
Can't think of anything else at the moment. Gotta go check my mafia family! :)


Colette said...

I just LOVE the idea of your dinner. YES you are for sure making memories for your kids, their friends, and yourselves. How wonderful you guys are. I just may steal that idea ;)

Diana said...

Now a days most parents do whatever they can to get "rid" of their kids, it's awesome that you invite them and all the friends for these dinners! They will remember these times and they will probably be some of the best memories for their friends too! Great idea!

Shelly said...

After 5 or 6 years as a vegetarian, I started eating meat again also. I like having the option of preparing foods that everyone in my family can eat, and I also felt that I needed an easy way to eat more protein. But I still love me some tofu! LOVE the Big Dinner idea, I always enjoy having the kids' friends in the house. Its a good idea to see who their friends are, especially as they get older.

Irene said...

I can't remember the name for the Brazilian prayer ribbon (in Portugese) but the last time we went to Brazil my husband got one. It was pretty gross by the time it fell off... I like the concept, though.

Elizabeth said...

Haha, I love that the "vegetarian" label made you feel special -- I totally connect with that.

I just became a vegan about a month ago and it is the best way I've found to stay away from foods that I constantly binged on. Instead of looking at ice cream and saying, oh, I shouldn't have that, I've had dessert every day this week" I think virtuously, "I am a vegan." I know, it's obnoxious. But I love it!

I also find that people are more respectful of your food choices when you're a vegan/vegetarian. If you're dieting, people will push treats on you ("It's only a cookie" "It's Christmas/Easter/Valentine's Day/ St. Patrick's Day/ Flag Day!" etc.)

I find that label very... protective. :-) Maybe I won't need it forever, but it helps me now!

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad you are doing things that make you happy. That's always a big plus.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

When Brian gets older, I'm stealing the Big Dinner idea. Hope you don't mind.

If you're ever trying to figure out a video idea, I would love to see how you do your walking lunges. Just an idea!

cami said...

I too switched a few times from being a meat eater to a vegan to a vegetarian. And and now I'm back to a regular diet. Still, I eat meat sparingly and rely mostly on veggies, pasta, and fish. Have you ever tried quinoa? I love it -it's so tasty and simple to cook.