Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I forgot to order my 7th grader a yearbook. Actually, I thought I ordered it in the fall. Turns out I was wrong. I would have bet money that it was handled! Kid is disappointed and angry. I feel awful. At least I know I'll have something to talk with the counselor about this week.

UPDATE: Feeling better. May be able to get a yearbook today (they have a lottery for the extras). May not. But stuff happens. You'd better believe I'll be sending the money in early next year!


AKA Alice said...

I'm sure you've done this...but on the off chance you haven't...call the school and the yearbook advisor. Typically they have extras at the end (even some that are slightly "damaged"). It's worth the call.

BTW...you may have forgotten, but your 7th grader forgot too...and it's his/her yearbook, so don't beat yourself up too bad.

Eileen said...

I've had this sort of thing happen too.... But like Alice said, I'll bet the school can get you a copy anyway. My daughter's high school advertises yearbooks from past years on theire website...proof that there are often some left over!

As disappointed as Kid is right now...think about how often you read your 7th grade yearbook now. It's probably Never. Which means that even though you feel awful and he is angry, in the big scheme of things, it is not life changing.

Or maybe it is...Kid might start following up on things himself a little more!

Colette said...

Oh that sucks! Poor guy, but at least it's not his last year at the school, which would be much worse. Fingers crossed that you can get one and hopefully he realizes that your only human and you too make mistakes.