Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Melange

So today is the start of a brand new week and a brand new month, both on the same day. That seems good somehow, doesn't it?

So now it's Tuesday and I'm just getting back to writing. Here in no particular order are the thoughts and observations that are rolling around in my head:
  • I'm considering becoming a flexitarian (mostly veg with a little meat thrown in). Just started reading Mark Sisson's new book The Primal Blueprint, and he makes a very compelling case as to why it's better to eat animal products. Also what I eat right now for dinners is pretty pathetic. I cook meat for my family (tonight it's a Mexican casserole with chicken, brown rice, veggies and cheese) so they whole "it's better for the environment" argument that's pro veg doesn't work for me, as I'm not living it. Anyway, tonight I'll eat ... well, I'm training clients tonight, so it doesn't count. But last night I made chicken picatta with vermicelli and salad and I ate some plain noodles and salad. (Later I made up for it (sigh).) So yeah, I don't know that eating veg makes sense for me. I'd love to hear your thoughts...
  • People in Mafia Wars are mean! I've had hits orderd on me, and someone even just punched me in the face! Why can't I just run my little crime family and earn millions without someone trying to hurt or kill me??? Maybe Sorority Wars is more my speed?
  • I'm in love with "my" little trail. It's 1/2 mile from our house, but it's single track, primitive, challenging (LOTS of ups and downs) and super duper fun. When I run there it makes me feel like a kid!
  • Still hanging onto an extra 5 pounds, but still working towards leanness. We leave for Hawaii in 2-1/2 weeks. Am I motivated enough to be strict with my eating till then? (Oh just the thought makes me tired!) Stay tuned...
  • Have been working in the yard a lot since my visit from The Garden Gal. I hired her to be my gardening tutor after I killed some marigolds (which are indestructible in our area). Her diagnosis? Flukey gardening mystery. She came last week and gave me some direction on many different areas of the garden, and now I'm out there every day slowly chipping away at my project list. If you need gardening help, I'd highly recommend Katrina.
  • My kids are both on Facebook now and they are my friends. Which means I have to watch what I say there. But I get to see what they say...
Ok, time to get ready for my 1:30 client. Have a fabulous Tuesday, friends!


Brit-Man said...

Well I was wondering if you were going to stay vegetarian and possibly eat all the stuff you'd hacked from the garden :-p :-p.

I think that's just one of those fancy new words Flexitarian. Something someones made up to sound clever, (apologies if that was you).

I always thought Omnivore was the right wording, but hey that's life ;-).

It is quite possible that with things like Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, Quorn, and maybe Flax and Mushrooms too, you can get complete proteins in the right amounts, but Poultry and Meat are choices that make a little sense, not least for something like the Heam Iron, as Non-heam in plant matter is only about 5-10% absorbed, whereas Heam is around 15-20%, so it would be better for possible staving off of Anemia.

Plus it would also increase the possibility of things like increased Erythrocyte, (red blood cell), levels and therefore Blood Oxygen from the Heamoglobin, possibly resulting in better oxygenation of cells, organs and tissues.

That would be one solid reason I can think of to do it.

Whatever you choose to do, best wishes and good luck.

:-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

I love your Melange posts.

Colette said...

We as humans have forever eaten animal products...just not like we do today. It should be a small part of your diet, not the main course. I think it's great that you do this, if it's what you want to, you can still be a mindful meat eater.

Your kids use facebook? Wow, mine think it's very lame! More for the adults I think, since you can't make your page fancy and add stuff like Myspace.

Pics of the garden please??

Diana said...

I can't live without meat. I eat meat with every meal. I buy good meat from local butchers. I spend my money on it to get the best. I eat game as well, elk, buffalo, venison...We have local farms in the state that sell it. I may have to take up hunting to feed my "habit!"
I think we have to eat according to what works for us. I can not eat carbs-at least the breads and pasta kinds-I love fruit and veggies. I eat tons of eggs, at least 6-10 a day. This way of eating works for me. Meat and eggs and fresh fruit and veggies. Then an occasional bowl of ice cream with the boys after a hard day of riding or swinging/snatching!
Gotta see what works for you, cooking different meals for different people does suck, but I like how I eat and not everyone does. This is JMO!

Chrissy said...

I've been vegetarian for 10 years, vegan for the last year, and I feel totally fine, the healthiest and most active (and best looking!) that I've ever felt in my life. I was an on again, off vegan for years, and I've found the trick that worked for me this time was exploring and learning to enjoy cooking. (Vegan food blogs have changed my life!) I live in East Texas, which means the options for eating out are few, and hardly healthy. But since learning to cook and learning more about nutrition, I've finally figured out how to make it work.

No matter how you eat, you have to take time to look at your diet and make sure you're getting the protein, vitamins and nutrients that you need. For some people, it's easier to get those things by adding meat to their diets; for others, veganism or vegetarianism gets the job done just fine. I really think it comes down to the individual, and what you have the time and energy to do. Good luck!

Jo Lynn said...

Trail? Single track even? Hills too? Yippee!!! ;)