Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

I had lunch at Latitudes in Auburn yesterday. What a treat! This salad features grilled tofu, tahini poppyseed dressing, and tomatoes from the owners' garden!

The view from my patio table.

The view straight up.

In other random thoughts...
  • Potatoes at night before bedtime seem to be a good thing. I'm cautiously optimistic, and it cracks me up to eat a potato like an apple (I boil small red potatoes with the skin) in front of my family. :)
  • Got a 30 pound kettlebell today. I have a 36 pounder (16 kg) and a 44 pounder (20 kg) but I like having an in between weight. Right now I can get through both of my main AOS workouts using only the 12 kg, and that means it's time to go heavier, right?
  • My kid is 16 years old today! He's at Warped Tour in Marysville with a bunch of friends. It feels great to have a kid who is doing so well that you can LET him skip school to go to a concert (after a huge lecture about the importance of school, of course!).
  • Tim needs to get commissions on P90X, as he's turned a bunch of friends onto this workout. I still do the DVDs with him from time to time, but distance running and kettlebells are more my workout of choice.
  • Speaking of running, I'm signed up for TWO races on Labor Day weekend. On Saturday Tucker and I will be doing the Mather Mud Run, a 5 mile run with obstacles and the infamous mud pit. Then on Monday I'll be doing a 10 mile trail race in Auburn that includes the "is this ever gonna stop?" climb up Stagecoach.
  • Now that I'm running more consistently my legs feel slightly sore and VERY strong and that feels great!


Irene said...

I adore red potatoes! Yum!

Happy birthday to your 16 year old son! You do NOT look old enough to have a 16 year old son! Will he be driving soon or will he wait a bit?

Have a wonderful weekend

Brit-Man said...

You cna be very proud of how you are pushing yourself physically right now, as you're always an inspiration in everything you do.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Happy birthday to your handsome boy, and I hope he had a great time at the concert (you're such a nice mom!).

I love eating potatoes like that...funny yes ;)

Justin does the P90X all the time with his friends and loves it! We were fortunate enough to know someone who can crack the code to the DVD's so I was able to get a copy...shhhh LOL

How fun to get a new kb...I think an in-between size is perfect.