Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Melange!

  • Saw Julie and Julia this weekend and loved it! But didn't like it when I was asked if it was a "chick flick." Maybe I'm being a little overly sensitive, but I see that as an incredibly derrogatory term. (Does everyone see it that way?) Perhaps we could call guy movies "ball scratchers" in order to make it more equitable?
  • Signed up for a 10 mile trail run on Labor Day. Running the gorgeous trails in Auburn this weekend has rekindled my love of running -- hooray!

My new favorite running place!

The view as you run. :)
  • Summer is winding down. The kids start school a week from today. This has been one of the best summers I can remember because my kids have actually had things they've wanted to do with their time. So I'm feeling sad that summer's almost at an end, but looking forward to the structure the school year provides for them and for me.
  • Today is the second teleseminar for First Ourselves. The topics will be "rhythm and ritual, creating nourishing structures and honoring your ebb and flow."
Have a beautiful Monday, friends. I've (literally) gotta run!


Chrissy said...

I also saw, and loved, J&J. And as for the term "chick flick" - I like to call "guy" movies (explosions, one dimensional females, etc) "dick flicks." It only seems right. ;)

Jo Lynn said...

I'm very happy you have finally found the joy in trails. You may never want to run your neighborhood again. I despise concrete or pavement.

"Chick flick" - doesn't bother me one tiny bit.

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad someone else said dick flick, as I was in two minds about that :-p.

I thought there was something called guy flick, but maybe I'm wrong.

I'm glad things are pretty good for you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Kch said...

I loved Julie and Julia as well. Hope you enjoy training for your trail race!

Colette said...

Haven't seen the movie, but "chick flick" doesn't bother me one bit. Certain words bother me (ones that begin with the letter P and C) but the others don't.

Trail looks peaceful. Glad you are enjoying a new path.

I can't believe school starts next week! Let the crazy begin :)

Irene said...

Now I have to go see that movie, especially if you liked it!

The trails look like a great place to be!