Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diet (?) and exercise

Yesterday I ate whatever the heck I wanted to. But I did exercise for 30 minutes. Here's what I did:

5 rounds of
5 pullups (TRX, using toes as support)
10 incline pushups
15 fast air squats
20 ball crunches

In between rounds I stretched. Then I set my iPod to repeat "Take Me To The Next Phase" by the Isley Brothers, and I danced. Practiced spotting. Played with movement. And ended with an all-out effort dance that looked ridiculous (trust me) but felt amazing in an "I'm so happy, but now that I can't breathe I need to take a little break" sort of way.


Colette said...

I love that you let loose and just dance! It's such a freeing feeling, isn't it? I'm also glad that you are okay with just eating. You workout hard, so that is good :)

If you ever just want to get away and do something, give me a call/text, or if you need a guinea pig for anything workout wise, I'm here for that too.
~Have a wonderful day!

Brit-Man said...

You're doing what you want to do and knowing it's okay to do it, so that's the best thing.

As long as it's what you feel is right and it's what you want, then it's better than doing it wrong, or sitting on your bum wathcing TV instead.

Good to see you so positive and happ about things. I hope it continues. You're a great person and you deserve a life that you feel happy with.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).