Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a little CSI trick

If you get some Vick's Vapor Rub and apply it repeatedly to your nostrils, you can barely smell anything. Learned this from CSI and other investigative crime dramas, and I'm sure glad to know it.


Jon in Tokyo said...

Why would you want to do this?

Diana said...

We actually do this at work. Working in a hospital, you can come across some really "funky" smells that you can't deal with-this helps big time!

Brit-Man said...

You could do that with Toothpaste. A tiny amount just below eahc Nostril.

Might be tolerable for a while at least :-p :-p.

I'll admit I've tried that Toothpaste thing once or twice when I had a cold and it sort of has a decongestant action, but it also makes your skin a little cold, so it's so-so method.

That epsidoe was'nt sponsored by Vicks at all was it? ;-) ;-).

My only problem with that would be if I wanted to stop smelling something.

A: I'd move away from it.

B: Open a window.

C: If I was on a bus the bus would mvoe away from he smell after a while, or if it was someone else, I or they would eventually get off, removing the smell from my vicinity.

Frankly spending money on Vicks just for that purpose seems to be like a bit of a waste, but that's me :-p.

Take care amd best wishes.

:-) :-).


leslie said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Getting my mom bathed feels about as difficult as steering the Titanic, and when people don't bathe, it's not a good thing, and that's where the Vick's comes in.

Think I'll try the toothpaste idea, Matt, as my nose now feels like I have the worst allergies. Maybe applying menthol run to one's nostrils every 10 minutes is not such a great thing. I now know this. :)