Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sunday: 9 mile hike
Monday: Dailey Method
Today: help parents, no workout

Feels a little like groundhog day. Almost 2 years ago I was shredding mail, trying to get bills up to date, and figuring out how to get my mom bathed. Today? Same exact stuff! The good news is that I am here to help. The bad news is that I find it super frustrating at times. Good thing we're not judged on our thoughts, right?

Oh, and I should mention that right now, healthy eating is kind of a thing of the past. As I saw in an Eat, Pray, Love promo, I'm on a no-carb-left-behind sort of diet. :)

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Colette said...

Sometimes you just need to do forget about the workout and eating 24/7 I bet those carbs will do you well, since you are SO active most days.

Your mom is a very lucky woman to have a daughter like you. I think it's a wonderful thing how much you help her. All the other cultures take the up-most care of their elders and we are the only ones who put our elders in homes for someone else to take of. You should feel so proud of yourself...I know I'm proud of you!