Monday, April 23, 2007


So I'm back to logging what I eat in the bodybugg program. Turns out that just tracking activity, while keeping me on track for the exercise part of things, doesn't do much in terms of keeping calories in check.

But speaking of staying active and eating clean and stuff, what's up with how strange the scale is? The other day, I weighed 136.5 in the late afternoon. The next morning I was 138.5. (Maybe I'm weighing too often???) I think I'm going to weigh once a week, on Friday mornings.

Back to accountability (my mind is really scattered right now, I have some itchy insect bites that are not helping matters, AND my son is playing his favorite music [alternative rock] right next to me) I'm CONSIDERING committing to writing every day, and including what I ate, and my activity level. (Ok, got some Benadryl itch stuff, which should help.) What I will NEVER include in my food logs, though, are my one fish oil capsule per day (20 calories) and my one Viactiv calcium (also 20 calories). So any calorie counts are 40 calories low, and I DON'T CARE!

Calories burned: 3149 (will probably be 3300 by day's end)
Calories consumed: 1263 (this is way lower than normal -- I'm usually right around 2000 per day)

What I ate:
Breakfast: Protein & water
Snack: 2 oz wheatgrass
Protein & water
1 orange
Lunch: My yummy burrito (from Costco -- perfect in every way!)
fresh salsa
1 cup blackberries
Snack: 1 tablespoon Better n Peanut Butter
Dinner: 1/2 of a twice-baked potato (made w/broccoli, cheddar cheese, & milk)
fresh carrots
fresh tomatoes
Snack: 1 cup Fiber One cereal
1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk

As per the bodybugg website, my macro ratios (are you asleep yet?) are as follows:

Protein: 25%
Carbs: 58%
Fats: 17%

Hmmmm ... I don't know if I want to enter what I eat on the Apex website (although that's really easy to do) and THEN type it here. But if it helps to keep me on track.

Oh, other than the fish oil and the Viactiv, there's one more thing I ate today that I'm not posting. I found 4 Sweet Tarts in my car (they were still in the wrapper) and I ate them all. And Apex doesn't seem to have Sweet Tarts listed in their foods. What a rebel I am -- they were delicious!


Pamela said...

Love this post fun & to read about you being a "sweet tart Rebel" ~lol~ thanks :)

Tracy said...

Leslie, Why does it bother you to list the 40 calories?? It's just data. What's the resistance about??

As far as the difference in weight from one day to the next, it's more about comparing averages. Lots of things to take into account. Types of food consumed for one. Too much to type, let's see if this comment posts.

Colette said...

Okay girl....WAY TO LOW in the calorie department! You are going to make your body go into starve mode. With all those calories being used, you NEED to make sure you feed your body properly (how will your muscles grow). You don't need to lose any weight, therefor you should be eating close to the amount your burning. Those 40 "hidden" calories should be counted, because you could use all your getting.

Also, you know you shouldn't weigh yourself daily. Once a week is great, or every other week. But if I were in your shape, I wouldn't even bother at all ;)

Laurie said...

Leslie, is there somewhere I can learn how to do a 1-hand pushup that you can direct me too.

I want to learn, but other than getting in position, lowering about an inch - I can't get past it.


Laurie (

Brit-Man said...

Keep going leslie, your'e doing great :-) :-).