Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ridiculously happy things

It goes without saying that my husband and my kids are the best thing in my life, and they make me happy. And I really do believe that the most important things are NOT things. But you know how everyone has little things that make them a ridiculously happy? Well, here are a few of mine...
  • Freshly sharpened pencils. Because I press so hard when I write, pencils get dull really quickly. So I love freshly sharpened ones (even though I always break off the very tip with the first word I write).
  • My new pens. These are called Profile by Papermate, and they have nice fat tips (works well with the insane amount of pressure I put on writing instruments of all kinds!) and the ink colors are the colors of the pens. Aren't they cute?

  • My trailer hitch cover. I drive a small SUV and it has a trailer hitch, and for the longest time I've wanted to get a hitch cover. But I don't want one that says the make of the car, or a boat propeller (because if you don't own a boat, it doesn't work, you know?). It was a happy day when I found this flower hitch cover. It goes great with my "Whatever you are, be a good one!" license plate frame!

  • Marcia Brady on Celebrity Fit Club. I wanted to be Marcia in the worst way when I was growing up. I had long straight hair (as did nearly every other in the early 70s), and that's where the resemblance ended, but it didn't stop me from thinking she was the grooviest around. So I loved when I saw she would be on Celebrity Fit Club. But the little bit of it I watched with her in it had me a little nauseated, cuz she just a little too "Pollyana" for me. But I'll keep watching!
  • Work Out. Again with the TV here, I LOVE to watch Work Out. The people are fascinating and the trainer/client interactions give me plenty of food for thought, as well as more ideas for future workouts.
  • My front porch. Here's the picture:

Now let me tell you what I love about it. Let's start with the flowers. I have never had flowers like these because I've never known what to plant, and I'm way too cheap to buy more than a few 6-packs at $2.49, because annuals don't last. Well, we had someone come in and plant these and I can't tell you the pleasure I get from them.

Next up is the blue front door and the blue bench. I smile every time I see them. Again, ridiculous happiness.

Also, I love our house numbers. They're quirky and fun. And the windchimes make the most beautiful sound.

Finally, what you can't see in the big picture is Walter (Tucker named him), the front porch flying pig. Here's Walter in all his glory:


Eileen said...

Great it when you write a lot! we are different. I spend tons of money on annuals and change them around as the seasons change. I love, love, love lots of color and fortunately so does my husband, so I get free regin at the flower store!
We also have 30 palm trees, but that's a story for another day.....

Eileen said...

And your house numbers are great...I need new house numbers...where are those from?

KatieFeldmom said...

When I went to your house, I went in the garage and didn't see the very nice porch. Love the flying pig. Oh, and I have a blue door too. It was red when we moved it, but then we painted and went with blue.

Brit-Man said...

Hope you're having a great day Leslie.

One simple way to put Word Docs into Blogger, is to just do the old right click and drag, and when all the text goes white on blue, do another Right click, and use the copy function on the drop down menu, and paste into Blogger.

Or open the Doc in Word, same process, use Copy icon, then do a paste.

Only slight problem is, after a paste into Blogger, you then have to juggle the text around, as stuff like that posts a bit oddly, with split paragraphs, and partial sentance formatting.

Hopefully that helps.

:-) :-).


Pamela said...

Love all the pics! especially the piggie! & I must ask.. is this the same house that is in your Flicker pics?? It looks different.. yea I know ..nosey!