Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well, it didn't start out happy, but it's much better now. Although I was up at 5:15 and at the gym shortly after that (Cardio Coach and I did the ARC trainer today) and that usually starts things out well, the homemade (by me) chocolate chip cookies of last night messed with my mood. But I'm feeling better now, so a happy Monday it is.

GDE update: It's going well. Last night we had leftovers (spaghetti), mixed veggies, and ugly eggs (scrambled eggs w/fresh salsa and cheese mixed in -- a hit with the whole family). Tonight is a chicken stir-fry. The chicken's marinating in soy sauce, garlic, serrano chiles, and fresh ginger, and will be stir fried with broccoli, carrots, snow peas, and served with rice. And for tomorrow? Well, I'm not exactly that good at planning ahead -- YET!

About the cookies: Ok, so I kind of guilted myself (found out about a mom who makes cookies TWICE A WEEK!) into making homemade chocolate chip cookies on Thursday night. That's not a good thing to do when you're tired and hungry. But I did it, and didn't eat a single bit of the cookies, baked or unbaked. Then for having friends over Saturday night I decided to make more cookies -- this time some had Heath bar pieces in them, some had mini-Reeses, and some were plain old Toll-House cookies, which are my version of heaven on earth!

I've decided (this really does have to do with cookies!) that I'm not logging my food on weekends, but will still wear the bodybugg. And I'll eat healthy, but not try for huge calorie deficits, and will have a few indulgences. So Saturday night I ate maybe 3 cookies. And yesterday when out shopping, I had two pieces of chocolate. And last night when our family went out for frozen yogurt, I had a small yogurt with carob chips (my favorite).

But then it got to be late, and then I was irritated by something, and then I realized that we still had cookies. Maybe I had 5 or 6. I wouldn't care at all, except that I woke up STARVING, and in an awful hopeless mood. So yeah, maybe I need to remember this the next time I make cookies, which will be in 2008 based on this weekend's results!

Results: I hesitate to say anything (in case you really CAN jinx weight loss!) but in my month of wearing the bodybugg I've lost 5 pounds. That's with a week of NOT wearing the bugg while we were in Mexico, and for a few days after that. And these are 5 critical pounds that are making a world of difference in how I look and how my clothes fit. So a month ago I would weigh somewhere between 138 - 141 in the morning (I'm calling it 140). And Friday morning the scale said 135, a number I haven't seen since Women's Tri Fitness 2 years ago.

Science experiment: I'm shooting for 1700-1800 healthy calories today, with macros of about 40/30/30. Having the bodybugg and logging food makes me feel like my body is a science experiment that I can control. The last couple of weeks my fat has been below 20% and I'm noticing that the skin on my arms looks kind of dried out, which is not the look I'm going for. So I'm increasing fats, and I think I'm seeing a difference. What's fun is that I know how to make the changes I want to make. Am I sold on the bodybugg? You bet! Does everyone need one? Of course not! What it puts to rest for one and for all time is this: if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. It also puts to rest my of getting onto Survivor, just so that I could drop a quick 10 pounds! Yeah, like I'd be happy with the whole sleeping on the ground, being eaten by insects, no food thing -- I think not!


Eileen said...

That is so funny about wanting to get on Survivor to lose 10 pounds! The bugs would keep me from going too.

I am happy to hear about your "plan." I think I could live with that sort of plan once I get to where I want to be.

Colette said...

Great for you! Those 5 pounds are the most stubborn ;) I think that bodybugg is a great piece of equipment. I like the sound of the calories you want to less please ;)

Don't ever let what someone else does make you feel guilty if your not doing it. You are doing so many other things that they aren't. Now I'm thinking of gooy choch. chip cookies...yummmmmm

KatieFeldmom said...

Happy Tuesday!

Pamela said...

no more talk about cookies now ..ok ? ~lol~ congrats on the 5 lb loss.. :)