Friday, April 20, 2007

The quickest update ever

1. Not accepting new clients because I need to get my "infrastructure" in place. Currently working on a training form (I'm having so much perfectionistic fun lining up the columns and centering the headings and deciding how it's going to look). Next project is tri-fold brochure. My business name is "Lift Personal Fitness Training" and the tag-line underneath the name is "A FRESH approach to fitness." FRESH is an acronym, but I can't decide on all the words. Here are the current candidates:

F = fun (no other candidates here, it HAS to be fun!)
R = rejuvinating? realistic?
E = energy-producing? encouraging?
S = supportive?
H = honest? holistic? HELP!!!

If you have any ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them!!!

Brochure will also include cancellation policy, rates, workout overview, and who knows what else.

2. (Ok, so maybe I lied about this being the quickest update every, as it's already getting long...) Here's last night's workout:

Run 1 mile (warmup)
5 rounds of:
20 ball crunches
20 pushups
10 pull-up negatives
10 lat pull downs
20 step ups (to a 16" step, using 15 pound weights)
20 kettlebell swings (20 lb kettlebell)

What I like about workouts like these is that I can do what I like (ball crunches, kb swings, step ups) in bigger sets, e.g. 60 kb swings cuz they're fun, and do what I don't like as much (pushups!) at the end. Or however I want to work it.

3. I have a problem that I need to work on, which is going to get its own post out of respect and seriousness. The problem is FAMILY DINNERS and I need to figure out a new way to do them (as opposed to pretending dinnertime doesn't exist!).

4. Bodybugg update -- I'm wearing it again, but trying something different. I want to see how it works if I don't enter my food, but just let the Apex program estimate how much I'm consuming, based on my activity, and my weight changes week-to-week.

Kristin asked for more info about the bodybugg. It's not bulky to wear (it's like wearing an iPod mini on your upper arm), and I actually like the feeling of it, because knowing I have it on reminds me to keep moving and to make good food choices. It doesn't buzz or make noise unless you set it to have reminders, in which case it does sound a chime or something -- not loud, not annoying. You can't get it wet, so you can't use it to track swimming calories, and you have to take it off when you shower. Overall, I'm impressed with it. I could see wearing it all the time while trying to lose weight, then wearing it one week out of every month just to stay on track.

5. School lockdowns -- Colette and I live within 10 minutes of each other, and I'm sad about what's happening here. We've opted to not tell our kids about the threats, because there is nothing they can do about it, and I don't want to make school frightening for them. With all that goes on in the world, the only things that make sense to me are to pray continually, love your family, and (yes, we're back to my favorite quote) "Whatever you are, be a good one!" Or as Ghandi said (another favorite quote) "Be the change that you want to see in the world."


Brit-Man said...

How does this sound?


approach to fitness.

You could then possibly change the last word from fitness to life if you wanted.

If you weren't dead set on the word Fun, you could change that to Friendly, as I have heard of PT's before, who treat clients like a cash cow, more than a person.

A case of them expecting you to train like a robot, and have no emotions.

You, (of which there can be no doubt), are one of the most human people I know of, and for people who are in their situation, your heart, compassion, and emotional connection to clients would be a huge asset to you.

I want to wish you all the luck in the world continuing to make this work for you.

You should be very, very proud of yourself, for this, and everytihng you have done in your personal life.

You give so much, and you make so much happen. You no doubt, always look wonderful deserve ot be exrtemely happy, and feel fantastic, and as always you inspire me, and make me feel pride and happiness for you.

GOOD LUCK, and well done Leslie.

You are an awesome person. Thank you for that.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

I like what Matt thought of ;)

About dinner time...we always have dinner together as a family. They all know that dinner is ready at 6:30 and are to be at the table at that time. Sometimes Rob doesn't get home till closer to 7, but the kids and I still sit down and eat, then I make sure to sit with Rob when he gets home.

Wasn't that scary? Here, the kids knew before us parents knew! I do let the kids know what is going on in the world and make it a great place to start talking. We talk about everything and anything. That way I can see how they would feel about things and give my point on the subject (put my values into it). They thought this was "cool" but I'm sure if it was happening at their school the reaction would be different (hope to God that it never will). I let them know that the world is full of good and bad people, but the good out weighs the bad by far. Things like this are very rare...good people are all over, and that is a very good thing ;)

Have a great weekend!

KatieFeldmom said...

F = fun (for sure, so much fun)
R = I like realistic!!!!!
E = enlivening
S = successful
H = honest is good, helpful, home?

Lori said...

Looks like you have things in order. How lucky to be able to do all that. Good for you.