Sunday, April 22, 2007

Observations and opinions

  • Working at my desk on my husband's expenses, the never-ending papers from kids classrooms, and various piles of stuff does NOT burn many calories at all, as confirmed by my bodybugg yesterday.
  • I love the idea of organic, vegetarian, chemical-free everything. But I also love Diet Mountain Dew, lots of caffeine, and artificial citrus scents, a la AirWick Sparkling Citrus plug-ins.
  • Staying at home and getting a little bored, but not falling into the "my life is boring and I'm depressed" mindset is an awesome way to get lots and lots of the little stuff done.
  • Sometimes (like right now) living in boyland is tough. Sometimes (like most of the time) it's delightful. What am I going to do about it? In a few minutes, Tim and I are heading to Costco, like everyone else in Placer County does on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I'm really really happy the school lockdowns are over now that the man making the threats was apprehended. Turns out that the worst of it was Thursday, when coincidentally, I was at the elementary school from 11:00 till 2:20. I feel relieved to have been with one of my kids that day, even though I didn't know what was going on at the time.
  • Lots of my on-line friends are using Tony of DreamBodies for on-line training, and are getting wonderful results. He has most of them drink an apple cider vinegar and lemon juice shot several times a day. I think (just my opinion) that the benefit of the acv/lj concoction is that it reminds you that you are on a program and helps you to stay on track. I'd be surprised if it actually has fat-burning properties. But (true confession) I occasionally mix myself the acv/lj concoction, just in case it really does do something magical!
  • Next time I write, pictures!


Brit-Man said...

Lemon Juice is just Citric Acid.

Seems to be a preferred ingredient in designer fatburning products.

I'll make no secret of the fact, that Fat burners / detox plans in my opinon, are rubbish.

A good diet, and training regime can give you what you want, without stimluents.

Nobody, not even people with Heart problems, or food related conditions like Coeliacs, should be non-responders to diet and training.

You're doing brilliantly, and that's not even in doubt for a second.

You should be very proud, os well done and GOOD LUCK.

:-) :-)


oldLobo said...

Caffeine, if used judiciously (don't tank up on it everyday), will improve your performance in endurance events. You'll want to use it for your upcoming half-marathon. It is magical stuff when you do it right.