Saturday, December 29, 2007

Technical blogging questions

1. Does anyone know how to change the thingey by your weblog address (which, if you use Blogger, is an orange B)?

2. Does anyone have an opinion about TypePad vs WordPress as an alternative to Blogger?


Brit-Man said...

No and no.

Althoiugh I suspect some alternative blog types may not allow people who have a Blogger to actually comment.

I've seen other bloghs, but frankly, noine of them are probably perfect, and I think Blogger is probably the best, in the same way Google is the best Search Engine.

Take care :-) :-).


Stef said...

Can't help you with the technical stuff, but wanted to say Hi!


Irene said...

I think you can select an option to go in as anonymous and not have the blogger logo next to your name.

I know nothing about TypePad or WordPress, other that a few bloggers I follow subscribe to those formats.