Friday, February 20, 2009

Fighting against -- me?

While on the plane, I had a chance to write down some ideas of how I'd like to change my diet and my training. And while nothing's set in stone, I already can feel resistance inside. So I think maybe my head needs a reality check. Because why would I resist doing things that move me towards what I want?

So as I'm considering a more structured approach to food (one that includes more whole foods and fewer processed vegan convenience stuff) and the addition of some good stuff (green tea) and reduction of some bad stuff (caffeine, refined sugar) I really need to take a look at approaching this with some maturity. Because once again, that little girl inside is threatening a temper tantrum (screaming something like, "I WANT IT BECAUSE I WANT IT!!!" over and over) at the very IDEA of limits or boundaries or structure.

Perhaps my focus needs to be on the end result I'm hoping for, rather than on the specifics of getting there. Really what I want is a healthful, sane, liveable approach to food and fitness. What I'm doing now is not bad -- not at all! But I really do feel like it's time to take it to the next level. And most of me is ready, with the exception of that tantrum-throwing little one who is part of the package that is me.

So if I focus on the end result, AND reassure the little one that she will get treats from time to time and no, we won't forget her, then maybe I can have some success with whatever kind of structure I decide to create.

Back to post-vacation laundry. I ran 10 miles today. Running in Maui is funner (which SHOULD be a word, even though it's not) than running in suburbia. :)


Colette said...

Maybe you're planning to much change at one time, so your innerself feels like it's setting you up for failure if you don't do it all? You already do tons of exercising and you eat extremely healthy already...maybe for now you are at a happy balanced place...why do you feel you need to change things up now....just wondering ;)

AKA Alice said...

I sorta want to ditto Colette's question. It seems as if you have an incredibly well balanced diet and approach to your training (I mean you BQ's my friend), why the push?

Maybe the inner 3 year old is telling you something that needs to be listened to as well?

Anonymous said...

I think incorporating more whole foods into a diet is good for every one of us... not just vegetarians. I am finding that babysteps work best for me. Maybe because I am that same 3 year old inside that you are! Maybe just cut out one convenience food and add more of one whole food. Do that for a week or two and then do it again - with a different combination. Just a thought - little by little, you will make that switch.

Brit-Man said...

One thing you might find workable, is to keep the nature of the diet more stable. By this I mean have a set structure, with little variation.

I tend to eat the same way day to day, but there's a difference in the Dinners, so each day isn't completely congruent, but with things like Lunch, Breakfast etc etc, staying as is, it keeps things easier to manage.

So what you could try to do, is give yourself a strict choice, so you only have an A: and a B: option for each meal, if you don't want something completely fixed day to day, then just vary Dinners to suit family.

So as an example. Lunch might look something like this.

Option A: Small portion of Soybeans and a little mixed Veggies, (including Fruits like Cucumber, Tomato and Pepper).

Option B: A combination of lightly Grilled Mushrooms, with some Brown or Wild Rice, then just a bit of seasoning, or one or two herbs / spices / Sea Salt for added flavour.

Both options are good for Protein and Carbs, A: and probably B: good for Fats too, and both good for Micros.

Hopefully both acceptable examples of Vegetarian cuisine :-p.

This means you keep things quite strict, but with a bit of variation, so perhaps alternate your meals, each day.

You could then even have a Plan A: and a plan B: style system, where you just have all the A: options on one day, and then B: options tyhe next, and have a totally flexble approach to family dinners.

This then doesn't become totally rigid, but if you have one set manu of sorts one day, and the other the next, then you might not start analysing each meal each day, for differences, similarities, changes etc etc, and it doesn't become samey, if you have 4-5 meals one day, that stick to a set choice, and then the others next day do too, as it's not the same thing every single day, it's a bit flexible within a solid framework.

Saves you possibly getting bogged down scrutinising a weeks food / shopping needs.

Just a thought though, not interfering :-).

Anyway, whatever happens, good luck and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to look a little deeper than the food, weight, and exercise . . .