Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shopping for bathing suits

Yesterday I went shopping for bathing suits. This is one of my least favorite activities -- in fact, picking up dog poop is higher on my list (for reals!) than shopping for the beach. I think the main problem is the fluorescent lights. They emphasize everything that's imperfect. Don't stores know they'd sell more suits if they had incandescent lights in the swimwear department dressing rooms?

So yeah, I shopped for suits and guess what? It didn't completely suck! I was actually able to just a teensy bit enjoy the process, and somehow found a way to focus on the positive instead of zeroing in on the negative. And guess what else? I bought a bikini! Yep, at age 48 I'll be sporting a bikini in Hawaii! Certainly the ultra race helped -- running 33 miles can't hurt when it comes to calorie burn, right? As did smaller food intake in January from stress about parents. But yeah, I'm pretty excited!

Today I take my dad for follow-up x-rays and a doctors appt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his arm will be as good as new and that he'll get what he wants -- clearance to drive!


aron said...

i haaaate swim suit shopping also.

omg you guys are going to have SUCH an amazing time in maui... enjoy EVERY single second. you definitely deserve a vacation right now!!!

tfh said...

Good luck w/ the doctors appointment!

What gal ISN'T with you about the swimsuit shopping? Congratulations on finding a suit you like.

Brit-Man said...

I'm sure your Dad will be fine. So try to stay positive and best wishes.

:-) :-)


Colette said...

You are so right about stores using the right lighting = more clothes being sold.

You should be wearing a bikini! Hell, you are the few who should wear one (others just think they should LOL). Age is just a number ;)

Have a wonderful time girlfriend!!

Jennifer said...

LOL My heart rate increased by at least 20 points just as soon as I saw the topic of your post. OMG! I HATE shopping for swimsuits! I'm so glad you found a great one.

AKA Alice said...

You are completely my a bikini!