Tuesday, July 13, 2010


  • Loving eating higher fat/lower carb. Waist down by 2 inches (!). Whole body is tighter.
  • Our French foreign exchange student arrives tomorrow night. Looking forward to meeting Ben and having him here for 3 weeks. We've planned going to see Ziggy Marley in concert, rooting the Giants on when they take on the Dodgers, and heading up to Tahoe. The organization he's coming over with has organized field trips (to SF for example, which is a must for this area) and we can go on those too!
  • Did Dailey Method today and Saturday. All's I got to say is OUCH!


Michelle said...

You lost TWO WHOLE INCHES of your waist? First, I am surprised there was anything there to lose, and second: WOW! Keep on keepin' on, elle!

Colette said...

Way to go on the inches!

Sounds like you will be very busy these next few weeks. Have a blast and I look forward to hearing all about your time with Ben :)

Brit-Man said...

The reminds me of something a comedien called Jasper Cartott said once.

A French exchange student about 17 comes over, lives in his shed, stinks his house out smoking Gaulois, fusses over his wife like she's the most wonderful thing in the world, (ah Mrs Carrott you are looking so fragrant today, (oh thank you Pierre)), then refers to Jasper as Mr Vegetable :-p.

Then he said something like don't do it. It might be good for one of your kids to go there, but you get stuck with someone you wish was gone, after about 48 hours :-p :-p.

Though obviously he was being a little biased. Plus his name isn't really Jasper Carrott, it's Bob Mills. No real idea where the stage name comes from.

You'll be fine :-p :-p.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Diana said...

I do much better on the low-carb eating also!
Unfortunately, I love all the fruit that is in season right now and that totally throws everything off-ugh!