Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back to life, back to reality

Sunday night was my brother-in-law's wedding, so after my test Friday, we went straight into wedding madness. I LOVE my new sister-in-law, and the wedding was beautiful. But I'm very ready to be back to reality.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who wrote congratulatory stuff about passing my test. It was a big deal to me, and it was so fun to share the journey with you. As a family, we're going to have a celebration dinner soon, and I wish you all could join us!!! I'll let you know the night -- maybe you can have some cake to celebrate, and credit the calories to my account!

My arm/shoulder is getting better. I've been doing rehab exercises here at home, and have progressed from no weight at all to using tomato sauce cans (8 ounces, baby!) as I do my exercises. You should have heard my family laugh as I brought out my "weights" the first time. Pretty soon I'll be moving on up to soup cans, and then when I'm really doing good, I can graduate to canned vegetables!

So in the meantime, my exercise program has been all lower body, and all bodyweight, and it's truly possible to kick your own ass using no weights at all, let me tell you! Weight is holding steady in the high 130s, and I'm convinced that I will be in the low 130s by the end of the year if I keep doing what I'm doing (6 small meals, lots of veggies, lots of protein, minimal cheats).

Final note: I miss studying! I have two CEU courses from NASM: Optimal Performance Training (OPT) for Weight Management, and OPT for Seniors. I think I'll be starting one of the "classes" next week.

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Brit-Man said...

Keep up the hard work Leslie, and keep feeling proud of yourself.

You inspire, and you've done fantastically well for yourself, especially the last 2 years, and you are an amazing woman, for whom very little is impossible :-).

As for the Cake, I'll pass thanks, I've never been a cake man, but I might celebrate in spirit or something like that.

GOOD LUCK with your business venture, and your new course, you'll do great, and many people will benefit from the care and attention, someone with a great attitude and a big hearted approach can give them.

You are such a person, and you'll be awesome.

Take care, and have a brilliant day, I ,(and no doubt many others), have been proud to follow your acheivements, and see you succeed.

I;m really, really happy for you, as you are someone who deserves the best :-) :-).