Monday, November 20, 2006

The kids are out of school...

...and I've become a bit of a YouTube addict. In some ways it's like my Amazon addiction -- easily justified as educational, therefore not likely to be dealt with anytime soon. Here's the kind of stuff I like to watch:

Fitness: Burpees - Kettlebell - Medicine Ball

I like to watch it because it's the kind of stuff I like to do in my own workouts. I do KB swings using a weight (and holding on VERY carefully) -- they're GREAT for lifting your rear view! And burpees -- I just thought I'd do 10 today for fun, not even the broad jump kind, just the kind where you jump up in the air. Got to the 6th rep, and hate to admit this, but I had to pause, catch breath, and then finish reps. When you mix these kind of intervals into an already challenging weight workout -- well, I guess all I can say is HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!


Brit-Man said...

That was a bit perculiar, and half of the stuff looked dangerous, but then having never done those things myself, I suppose looks can be deceiving :-s.

I did see some You Tube stuff once, posted on a site I use, and the two videos were of Ronnie Coleman.

The guy Free Bar Squatted 370 Kg's, (804 lb's), for about 3 reps, and in the other one, he was using a sled type Leg Press Machine, that was angled, with his head near the floor, and he Leg Pressed 1,020 Kg's, (2,244 lb's), which is 1 tonne and a plate <:-o, and he did about 8-9 reps, on it <:-o.

I suddenly felt not admiration for him, but a sense that it was wrong, knowing he must use a shed load of "you know what", to be able to achieve such feats.

Sad thing is, he probably has below average odds of living past 50.


Shelly Egan said...

I still can't believe that is your workout! I am still trying to master the dead bugs & survive. : )

Jen said...

If you like that video - then I think you will really love this one:

Colette said...

Ok, that was crazy!! I was in shock, then thought what a kick butt workout that would be...try way (not yet anyway). I can't believe you did are awesome, Leslie. You'll have to let us know how you feel in the morning ;)

Eileen said...

How is your butt feeling today? That looks way too hard!