Sunday, November 26, 2006

Testing Christmas

Got back from Tahoe yesterday. Had a GREAT time, although I don't have quite the tolerance for sitting around and chatting that the rest of Tim's family has -- a few times I retreated to my room for a nice quiet reading time. But honestly, I LOVE my husband's family, and especially my nieces (24, 21, and almost 18). Ate a ton and experienced a bit of the mood plummet, but am back on track today. Plus somehow I managed to not gain a pound -- if only I could market the "Go on vacation, and leave the excess weight behind!" diet plan!

Today I'm doing a test run of Christmas dinner. We're having Christmas here this year, and what makes me nervous is the "big meat" part of the dinner. Well, Costco has fully cooked organic prime rib, where you just heat it and serve it. So we got some, and today I'm testing it out, along with Potatoes Are Rotten (well, that's what my kids call the potatoes gratin I make), and a chocolate cake with espresso buttercream frosting. I'll let you know how it all goes.


A said...

:running to Costco:

Organic prime rib, you can't beat that!

Eileen said...

My MIL calls them Potatoes Are Rotten too.

I usually don't gain weight with a few days of bad's when it goes on for more than a few days that it becomes a real issue.... Let's hope that rings true this time too cuz I just ate Thanksgiving Dinner #2....burp:)

Brit-Man said...

Children do have unique takes on certain things don't they. Having said that, I think I'm still like that sometimes myself ;-).


Colette said...

Don't stess to much on Christmas dinner...everyone will love whatever you cook, as long as you are all together ;)