Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cool video

I subscribe to Ryan Lee's Sports Specific newsletter, and today he sent this message:

With election day finally coming to a close, there has been so much negativity and
nasty campaigning, we need get back into the positive frame of mind.

If you take a look here and spend just 3 minutes watching this video clip, I bet your day will be better:

Stay strong,
Ryan Lee

I so enjoyed watching this, and even though I'm not a frequent crier, it brought tears to my eyes.



Anonymous said...

At first I thought "Why did she want us to see this?" It looked so gloomy, but I am so glad I watched it after the 2 days I've had it brought both a smile and tears to my eyes. Thanks Leslie. Stacy

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can't watch it at work (for whatever reason) and my computer at home is fried. I'll check back when I get my new computer at home.

Yes, tell us when you will be having that celebratory dinner and I'll have something sweet too!

Glad the wedding went well, I love weddings.

Hope your arm/shoulder gets better very quickly!