Monday, November 13, 2006

Semi-sad news

Today I got the call that I've been expecting for a while -- the head trainer at my gym called to ask if I'm training people in the facility. I was able to truthfully answer yes, but I'm not accepting compensation for it. She said that trainers at the gym, as well as members, have been asking about me, and that's causing problems. What I can do is workout with friends, but I can't direct their workouts.

So I'm flattered that people have noticed what I'm doing. But I'm sad because it's fun training my friends there. And double workouts on a regular basis (with a friend, then with Darla, for example) are not going to work. Guess I'd got additional motivation to get that training room DONE!


KatieFeldmom said...

Bummer about the gym. Cool that people are noticing your work. I can't wait to see how your gym will look...17% fleck...sounds exciting. LOL.

Brit-Man said...

Sounds like a lack of common sense possibly. I can't train anybody, I'm not qualified, but at my old gym, I still occasionally showed one or two people technique on some exercises, just for their own benefit.

Admittedly, that's not full blown instruction, but nobody ever minded.

Still it's their rules I suppose.

Don't let this get you down though. You are doing fantastically with everything, you should be so proud of all you've done, and when you're a fully functioning PT, you'll be a fabulous inspiration, and motivator, for sure.


:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

My solution (as a member so said gym) - meet with your "friend" before you go to the gym, go over the workout together and then do it together. They can't tell you that you can't spot or help encourage other people who workout. Also, everyone wants to learn new exercises. I guess you were intimidating to the other trainers.

Eileen said...

I guess that is the policy gym has signs up all over the place about how trainers who are not employees are not allowed to train there. I do think is a compliment that the other trainers were bothered enough by your work to be threatened though!

"Am real fitness professional."

So how will you transition (if you plan to) those you are training now for free to paying clients?

Jen said...

Why can't you sign on with the gym to train people there? You'd think they would welcome the additional business you're bringing in.

I guess I don't know all the details...

Colette said...

Hello! This just means that you really have to get that wonderful room finished. Things happen for reasons (and this one is a HUGE compiment for you).

P.S. I'll be picking up the tower in a few hours...can't wait!! Thank you again.
Oh, and I now have my blog running (I think this will take you to it??). Have a wonderful day!!

dillydallycali said...

Kay, this is thrilling.

One, how fascinating that your gym would do this. What a compliment it is that they feel a little like you're stepping on their toes. And I can't blame them! A beautiful, knowledgable and CERTIFIED fant Leslie training peeps in their gym? (like like colloqualism --- peeps? I did.)

Two, all the more reason to get LIFT up and running. Totally stoked on all the possibilities!