Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bringing on Christmas

Just a little something to make you smile!

Today I've got the Christmas music going, and I'm bringing boxes out from under the stairs in preparation for setting up the tree and decorating. Last year we bought an artificial tree, and while it's certainly simpler, I think I'm gonna miss going up to Snowy Peaks, the place in the mountains where we've gone ever since we were first married, to find and cut the perfect tree (which, when you really think about it, is barbaric -- who would cut down the perfect tree? Well, me, I guess.)


Brit-Man said...

I prefer an artificial one truth be told. My old gym used to have a real one, and it niffed a bit. Kind of musty.

Mind you I'm not sure where it got stored for about 46 weeks of the year, so that might have contributed to the musty odour somewhat.

I do however prefer green fake trees. Years ago family had a fake one that was white. Looking back, it looked like something off a TV talent contest, like some cheap piece of set design :-s.


Eileen said...

I prefer real, but like the fake ones because they are not so messy....

dillydallycali said...

Oh I LOVE the barbaric tree cutting idea.

And I'm so glad you've been bitten by the Christmas bug!