Saturday, November 18, 2006

Many thanks... everyone for your insight and wisdom. That you write at all encourages me. And what you wrote helps me to find my way out of the fear forest.

No news on the training room front. I'm waiting for my flooring and weights. In the meantime, I go in on a semi-regular basis (did abs last night, did lower body weights tonight) and feel like I'm making friends with my new space. It's bright and pretty and I'm very happy with how things are coming together so far.

So while I'm waiting, there's another project, and that is designing business forms: PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire), workout logs, business brochure, etc. I know I could just make copies from a book or website, but because I am me, I want it all to go together really well. So next week while the kids are off of school, I may manage to find a few quiet moments to put some designs together.

Wednesday we head to Tahoe for Thanksgiving with Tim's family. There will be 14 of us in a house surrounded by snow, and it's gonna be FUN! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for, don't we?


Brit-Man said...

Ahh, you Americans and your quaint customs ;-) ;-).

Only joking :-).

GOOD LUCK with everything you're doing, you should be very proud of yourself, and you are inspiring, os you kepe writing too.

I am sure everyone who posts, here, and me for definite, are proud for you, and we all want you to achieve even greater levels of life success, so be strong and keep pushing for every bit happiness, and success Leslie. You more than deserve it all :-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

Ooooo, Thanksgiving, Tahoe, and snow...doesn't get much better than that!!!!!!!!!!