Friday, June 01, 2007

Fridge detox

This is a cute video with some smart suggestions:

Wouldn't have helped me with the chocolate malt balls, as I made a special store trip to get 'em!

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Brit-Man said...

I know you'll get the food on track Leslie. You're capable of getting anything you do to a fine art :-) :-).

Though never forget, that if you're eating how most people like you would, 6 times a day, you don't need to be too stringent on all 42 weekly meals, as getting 40-41 per week nailed, can always be a strong goal, and if it's done properly, the two deliberately lapsed meals shouldn't be massive Gut fillers, so I personally think you'll get the food nailed down, no problems at all, but if you do end up with one or two slightly ropey ones, don't be hard on yourself, yeah.

You don't ever need to be :-).

As for the boxing, I'm sure they won't demand anything hard of you.

Personally I say go for it. I've known women and even sparred with on or two, that had issues even with controlled aggression. Like they couldn't take the hitting back at me part too well.

I personally always take care when I've sparred with a woman, to box quite a way below my physical limits, and to never go more full on then that, unless they let me, and I never ask, I wait to be allowed, and it never bothers me if I'm not. To me it's about teaching a woman to find that inner strength, use it properly, let them know when they're doing and not to fear it, should it ever be needed.

I think given the small but effective group of boxing moves, and the easier mastery of a basic technique, it's one more women should do, especailly in this day and age, where a persons personal safety, young, old or inbetween, is less assured than perhaps 50,60+ years ago, when physical crimes were less perpetrated.

Though with the best will in the world, you can't make someone who has issues using controlled aggression overcome those issues, if they mentally have an impregnable barrier in their heads.

It's not a trust issue wit hthe other person, but something a woman has to find some slight connection with, to be able to do.

Many find that connection, but some can't handle being aggressive at all, and that's just how it is. I've always respected that and understood.

Though you'll be fine honestly. You've got a strong Heart and mind, and you'll take to it no problems.

You've certainly got my 100% support in your wanting to do it, and I wish you lots of luck.

I know you'll do great.

GOOD LUCK, and if you do decide to try Boxing, don't think about it too much, just do it, and it'll find you if you've got a good connection to it, which I've no doubt you will have.

:-) :-).