Thursday, June 21, 2007

So maybe I'm an A-, but that's still an A, right?

Kids fighting led to a white chocolate chip fest for me. Did it solve things? No. Did it feel good in the moment? Um, yeah. But I still get an A because I'm halfway through a kick-butt workout, determined not to let a temporary slip-up become an all-day thing. In case anyone's wondering, white chocolate chips don't feel good in your tummy when you're doing kettlebell swings. Also, everyone needs to know that a 16K kettlebell (36-ish pounds) is WAY heavier than a 12K kettlebell (26-ish pounds). Trust me on this!

You may be asking why I'm writing in the middle of a workout? Well, I turned down the music and heard a strange sound and needed to investigate. Youngest son, who does not lack for initiative, decided to make puffed pancakes, and was whizzing the batter in the blender. I'm staying down here till he gets his concoction in the oven, then it's back to the training room for me.

Note to Katie: I included a modified bodybuilder in the workout. It was a four-count move starting from an ass-to-grass (atg) squat position:

1. Jump back into high plank
2. Jump forward into atg squat.
3. Grab 12K kettlebell and stand up (dead squat).
4. Squat back down.

Since my workout was 1 minute of exercise, then 45 seconds of rest, I don't know how many I did, but I know that I've rarely done such a long minute of exercise!!!


chantal2bfit said...

Hi Leslie! Thanks for the info on the kettlebells! I will definitely check out the website and try to find a trainer here that will be willing to show me the moves. It looks like a really good workout and I am definitely up for a change.

Colette said...

See, you and the kids can have it all. It's all about give and take and it's something the kids need to learn anyway. I'm glad you have found what works for you ; )

I couldn't read the was to dark :(

Glad you got a lot of feedback about your trip. I know you will enjoy it all. Just think of the new sights, smells, and sounds as part of your wonderful adventure.

KatieFeldmom said...

You're an A+ in my eyes!!! And that workout looks killer. Ouchie!!! I'm still working on regular squats ... my knee still turns in, but not as much .... practice practice practice. So no ATG yet. One day though.

Brit-Man said...

Be yourself Leslie. You're practically world-class, and that's more than anybody like me, could have originally expected, but with time, I've come to realise it, and appreciate it fully.

So be good to yourself, and don't worry about things, you're doing fantastially, and being human is one of your many fabulous qualities, and one of the very best.

You're still that wise head on young shoulders, and I'm glad you haven't changed that.

You shouldn't. It's very, very valuable asset.

Take care, and best wishes.

:-) :-)