Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still here!

It's not that I don't have any free time during the summer, it's that I don't have any uninterrupted time. For me (and maybe for everyone) it takes a convergence of several factors to write in my weblog, including:
  • something somewhat meaningful to say
  • uninterrupted time to write what's in my head
  • a little bit of energy
Those three factors have all been around, but not all at the same time, hence no writing.

Right now, though, the kids are swimming at a friend's house. And the washing machine isn't working (no working machine = no clothes to fold). And the house is relatively clean. And we're not having dinner at home tonight, because nobody will be home to eat. So it's time to write. (Oooh, the pressure is immense ... just keep typing and something good will come out, right???)

Almost all my workouts these days involve a kettlebell and my Gymboss timer. I've done everything from the quickie 12 minute workout of Friday night, when that was all the time I had before picking Tucker up from swimming, to some tough 30 minute circuits with 1 minute of exercise, and 30 seconds of rest. I am pretty flexible about the exercises I choose, but there are always kettlebell swings and front squats. And I can tell that I'm getting really tired when the thought, "Some bicep curls would be good for the next set!" crosses my mind.

I can tell that upping the intensity of my workouts is working, because I went to Bikram Yoga on Sunday (yeah, I just want to be exactly like Tracy!) and made it through the whole class with no problems. It's been over a year since I've been to Bikram, and it felt great to jump in and do it.

Also, I've made a new kettlebell friend. Her name is Allyson, and she just moved here from San Diego, and is starting kettlebell workouts at the park. I'm attending the workout tonight -- yeah, at 5:30, and I'm sure it'll have cooled down to about 95 degrees or so! (Great practice for Bikram, right?)

Well, that's it from me for now. Time to plug my washer back in and see if it's in the mood to work again.

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KatieFeldmom said...

Always good to "see" you Leslie!!! Summers are definitely a busy time!!! Keep up the great work and enjoy your workout in the park. I don't envy you though -- it's gonna be a hot one!!! Yikes!!!