Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ladder Fallout and New Toys

I could tell my emphasis has been on lower body training, because my lats and triceps are STILL sore today, 3 days after the ladder workout! So of course I have to do the ladder again in another day or so, cuz I feel like IT owns ME, and that, my friends, is just not acceptable!

Well, I got some presents in the mail yesterday and today. Yesterday's present was a Gymboss interval timer. And today's presents were an 8 kg kettlebell and a 12 kg kettlebell!!! Using the new stuff, this was tonight's workout (1 minute work, 1 minute rest for each exercise):

8 kg swings
8 kg swings
12 kg swings
12 kg front squats
12 kg swings
12.5 pound dumbbell overhead press
8 kg roly poly squats
12 kg swings
8 kg one-arm swings
12 kg roly poly squats
12 kg swings
4 kg double swing/clean
12 kg suitcase squats
8 kg swings high/low
12 kg swings
total workout time: 30 minutes

The Gymboss made intervals really fun. And having a heavier kettlebell was great.

Kids are out of school tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the ease and fun of summer. Those who have known me for a while will know that this is a new attitude towards summer on my part. How did I get new attitude? Wish I knew, but I sure hope it stays!!!


Anonymous said...

My goodness that workout looks tough.

I'm so excited that school is almost out. I'm done with homework and projects and kids missing thier bus. YAY for summer!

Tracy said...

I thought you were going to get a 16kg?

Brit-Man said...

You always have a great attitude to anything and anyone.

Especially people :-) :-).

Have a brilliant day Leslie, you are awesome.

:-) :-)


Colette said...

Summer is supposed to be fun and easy going. Stay with that attitude and take each day as it comes, with no worries ;)

Great kick-butt workout! It's so fun getting stuff in the Christmas all over ;)

Have a super day, Leslie!

KatieFeldmom said...

Excellent!!! Love the summer attitude!!! And that workout sounds killer. YAY on the presents too. I love presents in the mail .... I had one waiting for me on Tuesday night; it was Myoplex and I was so happy -- hubby thought I was a weirdo.

Irene said...

Oooooooh! I love new workout equimpent! It's just like Christmas! Hehehehe! I like the idea of the Gymboss.