Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Workouts can save you

Yesterday was a tough day. Some of the highlights:
  • Started the day feeling emotionally "off"
  • Was ready to leave and do some things I needed to do, when kids friend stopped by. Being me, I let him stay for 3 hours and never got my stuff done.
  • New washer spewed water all over laundry room floor.
  • Emptied espresso maker grounds all over the kitchen floor by accident.
  • Stepped in discarded gum on the street -- a BIG piece.

One way I can tell I'm not doing so good is when I'm breathing "fuhhhhh..." a lot. Another indicator was when I brought the garbage can in and repeatedly kicked it as hard as I could. What could I do? Ahhhhh -- sometimes exercise helps, right?

So upstairs I went and did a 20 minute butt-kicking workout. I did 1 minute of work, 30 seconds of rest, and kept the intensity high with kettlebell swings, squats, pushups, etc. After 20 minutes things weren't perfect, but I was certainly better than I was before the workout.

P.S. I intend to respond to comments soon. Chantal2bfit asked about kettlebells, though, and I thought I'd try for a quick answer here. Yes, kettlebells can be used at home very successfully. If I were starting out with kettlebells, I'd try to find someone locally who could teach me how to use them. If I couldn't find a local resource, I'd go to No Fear Fitness and learn as much as I could from the exercises listed there. I'd buy an 8K (18.6 pounds) kettlebell if I could only buy one. And I'd work on two-hand and one-hand swings and front squats.

That's all folks!


Brit-Man said...

I hope hings stabilise soon Leslie, I know how sometimes little things can come in two's, three's fours etc etc.

You are still doing amazingly well with everything, so chin up and GOOD LUCK :-) :-).


Eileen said...

Be somebody else and stand your ground when you have plans...maybe not every time, but you can't let the kids plans steer every moment of your summer. The friend can come back a little later. You and your needs don't need to be the last on the list.

My washer is leaking too...I just can't quite figure out from where.

Hope today is much, much better!