Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Better blogging

Tim, who reads my weblog faithfully (thank you, sweetie!), commented that it lacks a certain something -- namely, PICTURES! And he's right. So here, my friends, are some recent photos which should help break up my text-heavy posts:

This is Tim, with his favorite dog, doing one of his favorite things (probably checking fantasy football stats -- he's currently tied for first place in his league!).

This is me and Tracy at Peet's in San Jose. She is the real deal, friends!

This is CrossFit HQ in Soquel, CA (just outside of Santa Cruz). It's not very big, but they certainly get the job done in bringing elite fitness to the masses.

Here are Eva T. (one of the best skiiers on the planet, and an awesome athlete) and Jeff Martone (who makes everything with a kettlebell look easy and fun) planning our next session of the certification.

These white boards are everywhere in the CrossFit gym. This one tracks max pullups.

No pictures to go along with these comments, but there are a few more things:

1. I swung (swang?) at 72 pound kettlebell several times at the cert. It was fun!
2. In tonight's workout I incorporated some of the new stuff I can do from the cert: Turkish Get Ups (5 on each side with an 18 pound kettlebell -- THAT will get your heartrate up!), bottoms up cleans, speed swings, and lots more American swings than I usually do. I think I'm gonna be sore, and that's a good thing!


Planow said...

Awesome report on the weekend and great pics! I'm going to CrossFit HQ for a cert in February and your post has left me even more excited than I was already.

Also, congrats on your new cert. I'd love to come by and learn some kettlebell stuff from you, as it's definitely one of my weaknesses. I recently taught someone KB swings and didn't realize until I was in the middle of it that I wasn't as prepared as I should have been (fortunately, it worked out fine.)

Brit-Man said...

Hay Leslie, it's your blog. Post whatever you feel like, it certainly won't change anything from my perspective.

Bets wishes and have a wonderful day :-) :-).


Eileen said...

Pictures are always great, especially when you include the hunkie hubby and handsome sons.

CrossFit weekend sounds awesome.

And...the color of your walls looks like the walls in MY house!

Colette said...

I don't know, I think you add quite a bit of pictures on your blog. Maybe it's the all white blog itself...no color...that Tim is thinking it's missing something??

So, Shadow isn't his favorite?? Poor baby ;)