Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life is good!

I'm having a great week. I'm trying some new meditation CDs (Holosync) so my mornings have been filled with Bible reading (my choice) and then 30 minutes of sitting quietly listening to the sound of rain and crystal bowls on "The Dive" CD. Do I sit quietly well? I wish I could say yes, but honestly it's a challenge. But I'm finding that I feel more centered, I'm doing things differently, and I'm snapping out of ick moods much quicker than I usually do.

Workout-wise, things are good too. Did an intense timed workout on Tuesday, and today I ran almost 8 miles while listening to "Eat, Pray, Love" on my iPod. (The author reads her own book and although I've read the book twice, hearing it is wonderful too!) Eating? Going good. Today's run (with lots of hills, of course) burned 1279 calories, so after the run I had a P90X recovery shake (yum!) and a while later had my favorite snack treat: whole grain protein bread with some sunflower seed butter and honey on top.

What else? I'm enjoying adding pictures to my weblog. I think it makes it more readable and just more fun. Speaking of pictures, I got a Santa suit this year. It looks nothing at all like this one, since I got it at a high class ... upscale ... hmmmm, well, let's just say that I didn't get it at Target, and Tim thinks it's the best Santa suit he's ever seen!

Ok, verging on an overshare, I'll sign off now. Oh, and to everyone who has been kind enough to leave a comment -- I DO read every single one, and appreciate them all, and I'll be writing about them in the near future.


Tracy said...


I couldn't get past the first part of "Eat, Love, Pray", it was so freakin depressing!! I know, I know, it gets better, right?

It's still on my is staying in my life for a won't go I guess I should give it another go, huh?

Eileen said...

So you know how many times I have had the EPL audiobook IN MY HANDS at Barnes & Noble and then changed my mind (I think it's that whole 13 discs thing that scared me). So you like it? I love, love, love audiobooks because these days I tend to fall asleep when I sit still long enough to read, but with audiobooks, need to sit! But obviously I could use some quiet time myself, huh?
I know that quiet time--stillness in general--is so restorative, yet somehow I make it so hard to "do it." Good for you for all your excellent new habits!

Colette said...

Oprah raves about that book, but I haven't read it, or even looked at it for that matter. Must be good though.

Meditating is a wonderful thing to do. As far as sitting still...that will come with time.

So, why do you have a Santa Suit? Inquiry minds want to know ;)

Anonymous said...

Playing catch up :) your blog is great!!

Have you tried the holosync before you go to sleep. I tend to do them after my workouts as well with my schedule can't do that at my job!

I know for me, I handle all the stuff at work a lot better and sleep more soundly..less tossing and turning.

Congrats on stepping out of your comfort is not always easy to do that!!!