Friday, December 14, 2007


Here's today's Daily Motivator. When I read this, I feel like I can breathe just a little bit better.

The Daily Motivator

No Limitations
If all your limitations were suddenly removed, what would you
do? If you were able to make absolutely anything happen,
what would it be?

If there were no challenges standing in your way, where
would you go? With absolutely nothing holding you back, what
would your life become?

It's easy to get so caught up in pushing against your
limitations that you start seeing yourself solely in terms
of those limitations. Yet you are so very much more.

Instead of identifying yourself in relation to the
challenges you face, dig deeper and find the real person
inside. For the truth is, you exist apart from any challenge
or limitation, and it is a powerful exercise to get solidly
in touch with who you are.

Yes, there will always be obstacles and limiting factors.
And the best way to get beyond them is by knowing that they
do not define you.

Imagine a world with no limitations, and discover who you
are in such a world. One by one, the challenges will fade in
the distance as you express the limitless vision that is
yours to live.

Ralph Marston


Brit-Man said...

You'll be fine Leslie. You're a terrific parent, and you won't fail to do the best by your Son. I don't think you have ever done that.

Best wishes and GOOD LUCK.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Don't stress about it! You will do wonderfully! Just have the music going non-stop, plenty of yummy, gooey, salty, crunchy, and gross looking snacks, and maybe your son can think of some fun games they play at school. As long as there is energy in the air, it will be a lot of fun (plus, they're out of their house, which is a big bonus by itself).

Are you using Nancy's hubby for the DJ?? Justin had used his stereo system at my party and it was great. He had his ipod filled with all the songs I liked, and it just kept running non-stop.

Good luck and don't you worry a thing about tonight. You will do great (and you are not alone in this, I'm sure).